WWE Rumor: Rob Van Dam Returning To The Company

WWE Rumour: Rob Van Dam Returning to the Company

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Rob Van Dam is one of the most popular superstars in the history of the WWE. He is better known for his stints in the ECW rather than the biggest pro-wrestling promotion in the world.

It was this hardcore wrestling brand that earned him the fame which later paved the way for his career in the WWE. The highly athletic superstar did not have a long career at the pinnacle of sports entertainment.

But he did have a significant career for sure. He is the only superstar in the history of this wrestling business to hold the ECW and WWE Championship at the same time. The unthinkable happened back in 2006. John Cena was his victim during this title run.

We can certainly understand how much charismatic Rob Van Dam used to be in his heyday. This talent is yet to be over even after spending almost 28 years around the pro-wrestling circuit. Apart from wrestling skills the former champion also possesses real-life kickboxing and martial arts which is an asset to any athlete. It is why he can still go toe-to-toe with the young superstars in any of the promotions.

Recently rumours are roaming around that Rob Van Dam might return to the WWE yet again. This time it is going to be his last stint in the company for sure. The multi-time title holder has recently visited WWE Headquarters alongside his girlfriend, Katie Forbes. He did not reveal any details of the meeting.

But Forbes posted a picture of herself on Instagram standing in front of WWE’s main office in Stamford, Connecticut. This set the professional wrestling community abuzz about a potential return of Rob Van Dam in the televised sports entertainment industry. We did not receive any additional details on this. So this is just a wild rumour at this point.

WWE brought back Rob Van Dam back in the year 2013. They failed to use him in proper storyline angles. So we did not see him picking up any championships during that run. A fallout broke between him and the creative team that set up the departure quickly.

The comeback of the ‘human highlight reel’ is a matter of speculation since then. We hope to see it happen soon. He needs a proper send-off after entertaining us with his high-flying moves throughout the career.