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Per the earlier reports, Drew McIntyre suffered a storyline injury during the bygone WWE Day 1 pay-per-view event. Now it appears that his injury is a legitimate one due to which he may have to be removed from WWE television for a few weeks.

At Day 1 PPV, Drew McIntyre defeated Madcap Moss in a singles match with Happy Corbin standing at ringside. Once the match was over, the winner was interviewed, backstage when he was brutally assaulted by Happy Corbin and Madcap. They hurt his neck by wrapping a steel chair around it as Corbin hit the chair with a piece of Scaffolding.

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WWE Smackdown: Drew McIntyre Suffering From Legit Neck Injury 1

WWE announced after the pay-per-view that Drew McIntyre suffered a cervical neck strain with severe contusions during this backstage attack. It was also noted that upon further evaluation by WWE medical staff, the top superstar from Smackdown will have a follow-up with an orthopedic cervical specialist. Some speculations were obviously there following this announcement as this wasn’t supposed to be just more than a kayfabe thing.

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Drew McIntyre could be out of action

Proving it right, PWInsider provided an update on the former WWE Champion’s current condition. The source stated that Drew McIntyre has been dealing with neck issues for the past several weeks and the injury angle at Day 1 was done to write him off the TV, so he can get his neck checked by undergoing medical testing.

Everything is “up in the air” regarding his WWE status but officials do hope that he will be gone for only a short period of time. There is no timeframe available regarding his return, at this point.

WWE Smackdown: Drew McIntyre Suffering From Legit Neck Injury 2

Multiple people backstage in WWE noted how hard Drew McIntyre has been working for the WWE in the last few weeks. With Universal Champion Roman Reigns out of action for the last few Live Events due to COVID-19, McIntyre took care of the main event slot who also worked two matches at these shows, first a tag team match with The Usos and then a stiff Street Fight in the main event against Sheamus.

One person noted that Drew McIntyre “went down swinging” to a neck injury for the WWE. The last time he was spotted leaving the Day 1 event, he was spotted in a neck brace which proves that his injury is extremely legit.

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