Watch Smackdown: New Championships, new title match and more

WWE Smackdown full results: New championships, New World title match and more

Ziggler-Styles and new championships unveiled

WWE Smackdown starts with a video footage where AJ styles boasting over the fact that he has beaten John Cena at Summerslam and now he’s the face that runs the place. Also, he addresses Ziggler by calling him a loser. Inside the ring we, the show kicked off with the tag team division and the Women’s division standing in the ring. Smackdown finally gets to match up with the flagship show as they decided to unveil the new tag team titles and the Women’s championship for the show.



The new Women’s championship will be decided via a six pack challenge at the returning Backlash PPV on September 11. In the case of the tag titles, the two teams that will square off for the titles will be decided via a tournament that is starting on the show.