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Roman Reigns was the key attraction of this week’s Smackdown as he returned on the show after a week’s hiatus. It appeared to be an eventful night where he released his manager in Paul Heyman from his duties after an alliance that lasted for one and a half years. However, a beast was still lurking in to have the last laugh while ending the show.

The New Day defeated SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos in a non-title match on the show as Kofi Kingston pinned Jimmy Uso to secure the non-title win. This earned The New Day some momentums as they head into a title match against the champions at WWE Day 1.

Obviously, Roman Reigns wasn’t happy with the shortcomings of his cousins during this match who made his entrance, afterward. The Universal Champion came out and told the Chicago audience to acknowledge him, and they do it with a ‘Tribal Chief’ chant.

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Roman Reigns-Paul Heyman alliance ends

Reigns went right into business as he said that he doesn’t like it when his cousins lose, but they’re family and will have to get through things, together. He then mentioned that Paul Heyman isn’t his family by blood though, and hence he’s in doubt if whether he can trust him.

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Roman Reigns proceeded to ask Heyman once again if he knew about Brock Lesnar’s SummerSlam return and the recent attack that he had launched on The Bloodline. He then asked Heyman why he’s protecting Brock from him, and also if he is The Counsel or Brock’s Advocate. Heyman shocked him by stating the following,

“I’m not protecting Brock Lesnar from you, I’m protecting you from Brock Lesnar.”

Roman Reigns hugged Heyman and thanked him for serving the Samoan family for 40 years and then proceeded to fire him. The Head of the Table then laid out Heyman with a Superman Punch! He went ahead to bring two chairs in the ring to hit Heyman with a Con-Chair-To move, but then Brock Lesnar came out. Lesnar ran through The Usos as he planted both of them with a pair of F5s on his way to the ring.

WWE Smackdown: Roman Reigns Fires Paul Heyman; Brock Lesnar Attacks 3

Lesnar entered the ring as Roman Reigns charged in with a Steel Chair, but Lesnar picked him up and hit an F5! The Beast executed another F5 on his Day 1 opponent to end the show following an emphatic statement.

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