Smackdown video: The controversy from Talking Smack continues

WWE Smackdown video: The Talking Smack controversy continued

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Tuesday Night’s hottest show, Smackdown Live was hosted tonight from Dallas, Texas, the home of this year’s Wrestlemania. For the last couple of weeks, Smackdown was giving a tough competition to the flagship show of the company, WWE Monday Night Raw in terms of TV ratings with a compact show of two hours. If that’s not it then we got even more with Talking Smack on WWE Network once the show is done. So, we got huge expectations stored for us on tonight’s show.
We are just two weeks away from the first-ever brand specific pay-per-view i.e. Backlash on September 11. Showrunners already hyped hype up the PPV from last week as they came up with two brand new titles. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan unveiled the Smackdown tag team titles and Women’s championship. Also, we expected a fall-out from the shooting segment with The Miz that went viral, last week on Talking Smack.

With that being said the show kicked off with The Miz walking out in the ring even before his music was played. Miz said it took him 148 days to finally becoming the center of attraction for the crowd. He holds the prestigious Intercontinental title and does make a great champion.
Dolph ZIggler’s music hits and he came out to the ring and went straight to the face of the Miz to say that The Miz is a coward. If he’s not then he will fight Ziggler right there. The show-off does not want any title shot on Smackdown but a fight. If he’s worthy of calling a champion then he would fight Ziggler like a man.
A YES chant broke out into the arena. The Miz backed off with his wife, Maryse allowing them to shift with a Coward chant. It looks like Ziggler will probably get an Intercontinental title shot at Backlash.