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Since returning to the WWE in 2021, Zelina Vega has risen to the stardom that she was in search of over the past several years. Despite all the past fallout with the WWE, she made her constant presence felt on TV to make an impact. However, in recent times, she also picked up bad fame due to allegations from artists for not paying them for their work.

Firstly, it was a prop maker named mecha_musume on Instagram who accused Zelina Vega of underpaying them for a custom project and causing them significant inconvenience. This would be followed up by another artist coming up with the same accusation of not paying him royalties for his commission to put a negative spotlight on her.

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Addressing these accusations, Zelina Vega came back to Twitter and responded by saying that she and her husband Malakai Black are not scammers. She also talked about offering proof as defense of her claim,

“Welp, had to reactivate Twitter just to correct people. Screenshots, photos & videos to come. Last thing my husband and I are, are scammers, so! Time to make things clear. Alllll of it.

And for the people who want to threaten, lie and create fake “new scam scenarios” to jump on the hate train because they think it’s fun and cool for social media, do better.. bcz you’re about to be proven very wrong.”

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Zelina Vega further reflected on the agreement with concerned artist

Furthermore, Zelina Vega addressed the situation with @sangrebomb on Twitter, explaining her side of the story. She initially asked the artist if they wanted compensation for their work, but they declined. The WWE star admittedly offered other forms of support with tickets and backstage access.

Zelina Vega further claimed that the artist later changed their original agreement as well as demands, leading her to stop using their image on the controllers and end the collaboration. The LWO member further questioned why she was being portrayed as the “bad guy” in this situation as she always tried to follow the initial agreement and showed gratitude to the artist.

Time will tell how Zelina Vega will handle this situation and get herself freed from all these accusations. For the time being, she continues to be making regular Smackdown appearances as part of the LWO faction.

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