WWE superstar Roman Reigns' net worth & salary details in 2018

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Net Worth & Salary Details in 2018

Roman Reigns

WWE Universe should embrace the fact straight that Roman Reigns is the current ruler of the pro-wrestling kingdom. It does not matter whether you like it or not. Vince McMahon has handpicked this guy to be the poster boy of his company. When it comes to choosing a particular WWE superstar, he does not care about what the fans think about this decision.

Money is what matters to him or everybody else at the end of the day. WWE stocks have reached new mountains over the last few years. WWE Network has managed to defeat online streaming giants like Netflix concerning growth. WWE has also led to extend their deals for WWE Raw for five more years with USA Network.

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Plus WWE Smackdown is set to generate more revenues, as they have got a new mainstream broadcaster. Fox Sports has now been under contract with the WWE of a historic $1 billion deal. It indicates that WWE’s market value will grow even bigger starting from 2019. And so will be Roman Reigns net worth.

Many of the fans might complain about Roman Reigns’ push is one of the reasons for low subscriptions of the WWE Network. They hate to see the Big Dog on PPV main event on a constant basis. Well, we do want to introduce them to reality check which clearly shows something opposite. WWE launched their digital platform in the name of WWE Network in the year 2014.

It was the same year when John Cena handed over the baton to Roman Reigns. The former poster boy of the company transformed into a part-time player in the company. With the new WWE superstar in charge, as the locker room leader, WWE Network has only grown bigger and better. What more could WWE officials have asked for? Roman Reigns net worth also went up higher with a larger amount of paycheques.

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We want to note something more on this regard. There’s a difference between a standard WWE superstar contract to that of the poster boy of the company. A regular roster member gets his monthly salary alongside the merchandise sells’ portion at the end of the day. He or she also has a limited deal with the company that comes to an end after a certain period.

A franchise guy like Roman Reigns possesses a unique feature in his contract. He does not have to worry about his contract’s expiry. It automatically gets extended after an extended period. He gets the most significant amount regarding salary. Then comes the merchandise selling share and also a percentage of the entire monthly profit amount of the company.

Roman Reigns net worth will always be going upwards regarding the factors mentioned above. Each of these is going in a positive direction on a quarterly basis. WWE is dominating the pro-wrestling industry better than ever. While estimating the salary amount or additional details of a WWE superstar, it’s hard to get the exact figure. But we do receive an approximated calculation from some tabloids.

Roman Reigns’ Net Worth

WWE hired Roman Reigns under their banner at the beginning of this decade. He was busy with his football career and chose to part ways with it to pursue a wrestling career. He began competing in 2010 under the next banner. Obviously, his paycheque was not mentionable at the beginning. But it started to rise, as Vince McMahon considered him to be better than the other WWE superstars.

It was in 2013 when the head honchos of the company decided him to make the next top guy in the company. So Roman Reigns net worth started to see an uprise since then. He made somewhat around $2,000,000 in the second year of his WWE career. It was just the beginning for him in the company. The annual increment for him has always been a matter of discussion.

During the following years, the approximation of his gross salary reached $1.2 million. It depends on additional wins, bonuses or some specific successes on behalf of the company. Later, it reached almost $2.1 million for the fiscal years of 2016-17. Forbes was the source who declared that Roman Reigns stood at the 6th position at the all-time highest paid wrestlers.

Roman Reigns net worth witnessed a growth of almost 33% in this year. The current reports (courtesy the sporteology.com) suggests the prime babyface is set to take home $3 million in 2018. In Indian valuation, Roman Reigns net worth might reach up to Rupees 22,72,00,750 INR. It might end up a combined amount of $3.5 million by the end of the year. On average, we can assume it to be $3.3 million for the current financial year.

The Big Dog should be standing third on the current list of superstars. Brock Lesnar tops the list, whereas, John Cena stands second. These two could overcome The Samoan Superstar regarding their mainstream career. They are part-timers in the WWE which allows them to pursue something else besides wrestling. We do know Brock Lesnar’s UFC connection, whereas, John Cena has his Hollywood stint going on for quite sometimes.

Breakage of Roman Reigns’ Net Worth

The mentioned $3 million of Roman Reigns annual income does not come entirely from the WWE. It mainly comes from three sides which are the actual salary cheque for the WWE, merchandise selling profit, and outside endorsements. WWE currently pays him $1.2 million for selling out the shows on a regular basis.

So, approximately $1.8 million comes from the outsides sources. Merchandises selling shares over most of this portion. It indicates Roman is the highest seller of products when it comes to the WWEShop.com. Sources also hinted that paycheque of Roman Reigns would undergo a yearly increment. As mentioned above, WWE only received a favorable outcome concerning business.

We can assume an overall 22% increment in his yearly income starting from now. So Roman Reigns is very well on his race to topple the big names those are currently ahead of him. Also, we can count Roman Reigns’ net worth to be a whopping amount of $4.3 million that includes his personal property.

The current value of his luxury home in Tampa, Florida is worth $900,000. Plus, he also possesses three luxury cars that cost $520,000 in combined. It’s worth to note that a bigger portion of this money goes for charity purposes. He is a follower of the similar trend set by his predecessor, John Cena in this matter.

Roman Reigns Charity Works

WWE works hard to put a smile on their fans’ face. That includes the specialized people or children who do not have the choice to live life commonly. The biggest pro-wrestling promotion in the world works hard to wipe out poverty as much as possible around the United States of America.

Roman Reigns is the poster boy. Hence his responsibilities go automatically high amongst the other WWE Superstars. Over the years, John Cena also contributed a huge portion of his earned money on these purposes.

Roman Reigns net worth has helped the franchise player to donate more in these charity works. The most coveted WWE Superstar of this generation has donated money to several charitable trusts. The names include “Answer the Call”, an online charity for New York Police and Fire Widows’. He feels extremely proud to work for these needed people.

During an interview with Sporting News, Roman Reigns stated the following,

“This is what it’s all about. This is what the platform should be used for… If there’s anything, we can do to help, to put a smile on anyone’s face and make anyone’s day better, that’s what we’re here to do.”

The three-time WWE Champion also appeared on Dancing with the Knoxville Stars in 2015. It was a generous try to raise money for the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. It was an interactive text game that taught kids how to protest the bullies around them. It was a noble thought part of the anti-bullying campaign of the WWE. Later, he was able to feature as one of the “most charitable athletes” alongside his fellow WWE Superstar, John Cena.

Heavy.com continued reporting The Guy in the WWE shares a partnership with the popular restaurant chain Jimmy’s Seafood. The food chain promised to donate $1 to Make-A-Wish foundation for every like that a tweet featuring Reigns received. The trend continued for 24 hours and managed to raise over $12200.

Appearances on Television and Talk Shows

Being the franchise player forces one to represent the company on a daily basis on numerous outlets. Things are no different for the top WWE Superstar. It also makes a big impact on Roman Reigns’ net worth consecutively. He is a regular name on different kinds of shows apart from the WWE TV shows. It certainly brings more mainstream attention to the brand.

Shows like Conan, ESPN Sportscenter, First Take, Good Morning America had the pleasure to hear from him on multiple occasions. It certainly earns him a handsome amount of money that adds to Roman Reigns’ net worth. Plus it gradually might pave the way for him to transition into a movie star.

Turnbuckle Weekly Podcast host Chuck Carol asked him whether he intends to follow the footsteps of his cousin, The Rock. Roman does not want to go into Hollywood for now according to his answer. Instead, building up his legacy is his current focus. Check out his reply,

“Willing to try anything and gain a little experience in anything. Is it something that is a big goal of mine? I can’t say that it is right now because I’m so caught up in WWE. [I’m] trying to be the face of this company and the top guy and have the WWE World Championship.”

For now, Roman Reigns continues to appear in commercials for WWE and its sponsors. WWE’s Wrestlemania sponsor, Snickers is one name for whom he appeared recently. He also appeared in a PSA produced by the Department of Health and Human Services.

We can sum up this article by saying Roman Reigns will continue to dominate the WWE for many more years to come. It is what a franchise WWE Superstar does, and he might end up being the all-time greatest. WWE will keep him as the untouchable one under their banner like the one who rules the roost.

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