OMG moments are the most likeable part of the WWE TV programming for the audience. They wait for these kinds of moments, every time. The shocking moments keep the fans’ interests in storylines to continue it further which in other ways might become boring, sometimes. This year, we have seen some major OMG moments which even completely changed the course of the WWE programming bringing more subscriptions to the WWE Network. Plus, the swerves also pushed to re-think about the way the WWE creative used to arrange storylines, usually. Let’s take a look at the top 5 of them.



Shane McMahon’s return

It was the night after the FastLane PPV when WWE universe was all pissed off with the decision of Roman Reigns main eventing Wrestlemania, again. #cancelWWENetwork was also trending on the Twitter just after one of the worst PPV events of 2016 got over. But, we did not have any clue what we are going to see, the very next night on Raw. Shane O Mac came out of nowhere demanding his claim over father’s empire. This was the change that the fans wanted for years. The Authority storyline have become so annoying hat we got the sigh of relief. Plus, it saved Vince McMahon with #cancelWWENetwork replaced by #ShaneMcMahon en route to Wrestlemania.


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