Top 5 rumors of the week. Will Daniel Bryan return to in-ring competition?

WWE Top 5 rumor of the past week: September 5th, 2016

WWE has decided to give the WWE Universal championship to Kevin Owens to the much delight of the Pro-wrestling circuit. In addition, we are probably going to get a face turned Rollins on this week’s Raw. WWE has finally decided to go with two of the most popular Indie stars on the flagship show. As a result, Raw has already been given a major boost to the ratings. Here are the top 5 rumors of this past week which consist mostly the fall-outs from last week’s Raw.


Triple H may not be present on Raw

Triple H was supposed to stay around his new poster boy’s corner, from now on. But, latest rumors suggest that he will not be present on this week’s Raw. The sprint center from Kansas City, MO does not advertise him. Rumors also suggest that Triple H’s return was early on an emergency basis after Finn Balor got injured at Summerslam. His main motto would be to establish his new poster boy.