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WWE Top Rumors of the week 

Rumors are running Post HIAC about the situations of Rusev-Lana situation heat, How Orton got injured, future of Taker and Lesnar after the fight as well as Sheamus’ briefcase. Here are they

WWE Top Rumors of the week 1

Sheamus to have an unsuccessful cash in?

If we ever want to know how to waste a Money in the Bank winner we must take a look at Sheamus, a complete waste since he had won the briefcase. And since no booking with him along with his briefcase, doubters may end up being true that he may be the third one with an unsuccessful cash in after Damien Sandow and John Cena. He is in a mid-card level right now with no momentum whatsoever and no boosts coming right in his way and there are talks in WWE to make him have an unsuccessful cash in. But if this end up being true it will go down as a complete waste of the briefcase and that too with the Celtic Warrior Sheamus.

WWE Top Rumors of the week 2 

Summer Rae to gain from Rusev-Lana situation

Last week Lana and Rusev’s engagement news was published on TMZ getting them in the bad book of Vince Mcmohan and they had already faced a lot of heat backstage. However, the ultimate gainer of this situation is Summer Rae. She has played her role pivotally during that Ziggler Rusev feud and if rumors are true then she is going to get a solid storyline along with the newcomer Tyler Breeze. WWE has already created a lot of merchandise for Tyler and along with him Summer too is going to get a good push in coming months.

WWE Top Rumors of the week 3

Brock and Taker to be off Television

After battling their monumental final battle Taker and Lesnar are both expected to take a break from TV. WWE has created the hype to the limit to say the least and we may see a controversial end. The post match scenario is a hot topic and rumor mills are saying both of them are taking for quite a while and expected to be back at next year’s start during Royal Rumble. Whatever conclusion this match may have, WWE has to answer a plethora of questions after this one. Though Taker is though advertised to be a part of Survivor Series to celebrate his 25th anniversary on the night. But he is only to feature in some handful bookings.

 WWE Top Rumors of the week 4

New Guests for Stone Cold’s podcast

Stone Cold’s podcast has been one consistent original production in WWE network since its beginning. His recent guest was none other than the beast himself. And if rumors are true then we may get Eric Bischoff and Ronda Rousey as his guest. Bischoff and Stone cold go long back and it will be interesting to see what questions comes along with them. Also, it may open the door for Bischoff to return to WWE and Ronda to debut before Wrestlemania 32 where fans can expect some fireworks definitely.

WWE Top Rumors of the week 5 

How Randy got injured?

Randy Orton has picked up a shoulder injury and is out of action for sometimes as we have seen him missing last Monday night and was also pulled off from Mexico tour and Hell in a Cell. There’re quite a speculations about how he got injured. The first impression was he was injured during a training session, but recently Wrestling Observer reported that his injury came up during taking out waste from his house. It might be a true story considering that it was Wrestling Observer’s Report. Whatever the case may be Orton’s absence will be a big blow for WWE as Cena is also taking his time off during this point. Post Hell in a Cell WWE must come up with some solid storylines to save the day.

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