Twitter Reactions From This Week’s WWE Raw: May 7, 2018

WWE: Twitter Reactions from this Week’s WWE Raw: May 7, 2018

Photo Credit: WWE.

After a poor PPV of Backlash, WWE Raw opened up last night with Kurt Angle, which was expected.

With a promo from the official, perhaps it was a try to make it up after the delivery was not up to the mark. However, the opening segment sounded good with Kurt making two blockbuster matches official to determine qualifiers of MITB.

Meanwhile, the opening contest turned out to be as entertaining as it should be. There’s no one better to give fun like the behemoth. The shoulder tackles to Owens has turned out to be a regular norm and last night, we have received three of them. In the end, Strowman was the first one to get into the MITB match in June.

In the women’s division triple threat match on WWE Raw, the three superstars came up with a top notch. Ember Moon, the winner, should be a special mention. Her incredible moves are always a treat to watch.

She should steal the show at MITB. Meanwhile, Bayley continued to pick up fewer reactions from the crowd which keeps her career in jeopardy.

Seth Rollins showed up on WWE Raw with a heartfelt speech. But, the audience always wants to see him in action. So, the Architect issued a sudden IC title open challenge accepted by Mojo Rawley, the hometown lad.

There were a few boos around the ring due to this towards Rollins which can be neglected.

The final segment of WWE Raw turned out to be a hell of a ride with Roman Reigns still in control. But, interestingly, Jinder Mahal interrupted costing the match for the Big Dog.

This is the start of a new storyline angle for the franchise player against Modern Day Maharaja. The upcoming weeks should be fun watching these two settling the score inside the ring.

Overall, this was an average episode of WWE Raw that was filled with some of the random matches. Check out the Twitter reactions from the episode,