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Being a popular figure on TV and social media, Alexa Bliss is missed by her fanbase on WWE programming but she is extremely busy in her personal life. Away from the scene since early 2023, the multi-time champion in the WWE is experiencing motherhood at home for the very first time. That being said, there’s no real update on when we could expect to see her back in the ring.

In the past, there have many instances where scammers tried to make a fool out of her fans by posing as imposter Alexa Bliss. These fake accounts have taken advantage of her absence to scam people. One such account even asked a fan to inbox them on Twitter. In response, the top WWE Superstar directly addressed the account and urged them to stop pretending to be her,

”Maybe stop pretending to be me”

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Over the years, Alexa Bliss has gone through several character changes in the WWE to become one of the most entertaining on-screen characters. Plus, she’s a five-time singles women’s champion in the WWE which indicates how dependable and headline-worthy female talent she’s been in the WWE. Whatever character the company had to offer her, she had the capability to portray it with superiority.

Alexa Bliss wants to shuffle things up with her characters

While speaking with The Messenger during the hiatus, Alexa Bliss stated that it’s always a good thing to take time away from the WWE. While it gives a refreshing experience, it also allows to reinvent her character. This, in turn, also admittedly stretches out a wrestler’s career longevity. It’s a good thing per the former champion that people are eventually forced to miss her,

“When you’re being seen on WWE three or four times an episode, you don’t really have anywhere to go with your character. So whenever you take time off, it’s always a good time to evolve and to keep going. “And I’ve already been probably six or seven different versions of myself. And each time it’s done well with merchandise sales, with bookings and all that stuff.”

Alexa Bliss was last seen on TV as Bray Wyatt’s captivated persona but with the latter one’s demise, that character won’t be used anymore. Time will tell whether she will be back in the scene as the former Little Miss Bliss persona.

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