Top 5 Bowlers With Most Dot Balls In IPL History

Top 5 Bowlers With Most Dot Balls In IPL History

As the Indian Premier League (IPL) runs in the T20 format, many believe it is the batsmen’s game. However, a team can’t move on the top positions by only relying on their batsmen, and ignoring the other aspects of the team, like the importance of bowlers and good fielders. Bowlers are equally important in this format like the batsmen and fielders.

In the IPL, apart from taking the wicket, the dot balls also work very effectively for the bowling side as it is a limited-overs match.

Here we are talking about the top five bowlers with most dot balls in the IPL history.

Piyush Chawla – 1109 balls

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Piyush Chawla (Photo Credit: IPL)


The leg-spinner Piyush Chawla is one of the most successful bowlers in IPL history, who has taken 150 wickets in 157 matches. In his IPL career, Chawla served for the two teams – Kings XI Punjab (2008-2013) and his present team Kolkata Knight Riders (from 2014). During his first year for the Kolkata Knight Riders, his team won the IPL award (IPL 2014).

In his IPL career, Chawla has delivered 520.4 overs, out of which, he managed to bowl dot balls 1109 times, including two maiden overs.