Rohit Sharma Talks How Cricket Will Be Changed In COVID-19 Pandemic
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma (Image Credit: Google)

Rohit Sharma Talks How Cricket Will Be Changed In COVID-19 Pandemic

While some international cricketers have already returned on the cricket field, some other cricketers are also getting ready to start their preparation for the game. Indian limited-overs vice-captain Rohit Sharma recently talked about how cricket will be different in this COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic slowly started to affect cricket from late February 2020 and it gradually stopped one by one cricket events in March. Since then, many cricket events have been postponed due to the pandemic. Now, the cricket world is trying to return on the field as international cricket just successfully resumed in July with some new unavoidable safety rules.

Rohit Sharma, cricket, COVID-19 pandemic
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On Sunday (2nd August), during the online Q&A session, Rohit Sharma also talked about the cricket amid coronavirus pandemic.

Rohit was asked by NDTV’s Rica Roy, “What’s the corona induced change in cricket you are looking to experience most.”

All we need to do as players is just follow protocols: Rohit Sharma

In reply, Rohit commented that the cricket will surely face the different experiences now, especially pointed the absence of the spectators in the stadium. Rohit also added that the players would strictly have to follow all the protocols during the entire cricket events.

Rohit Sharma, cricket, COVID-19 pandemic
Rohit Sharma (Image Credit: Twitter)

Rohit replied, “Cricket definitely will be played in a different manner now from what it used to be before. Something unusual for the spectators as well. There will be nobody at the stadium, as we know. There are more other things that we need to be mindful of. All we need to do as players is just follow protocols – whatever protocols have been set by your team, just follow that and abide by it.”

Indian cricketers will resume their cricket journey with the IPL 2020, which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will host between 19th September and 10th November 2020. After landing in the UAE, every team will have to create their own bio-secure bubble and everyone will have to strictly follow all the rules in the bio-secure bubble.

cricket, COVID-19 pandemic
IPL Trophy (Photo Credit: BCCI/IPL)

Also, for the indefinite period, the saliva has been banned to apply on the balls, and it will be likely followed in the IPL 2020.