Virat Kohli Reveals His Mother's Reaction When He Was Losing Weight

Virat Kohli Reveals His Mother’s Reaction When He Was Losing Weight

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Virat Kohli’s fitness has influenced several cricketers around the world. He has set high bars of physical fitness which has helped him to show his 100% in the field. He is not only a great batsman but also an impressive fielder. The Indian captain has taken unbelievable catches while jumping and stretching. This stunt can only be done if the players are fit. He has proved that fitness is an X factor that sets the cricketer apart from his peers.

However, when Virat Kohli entered international cricket, he was not conscious of his diet and health regime. He was also a carefree youngster who just loved to play the sport.

But gradually, Kohli understood that fitness plays a crucial role in sportsperson’s life. He followed strict diets and lost weight.

“If the child is not looking chubby, that means he is sick”: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli,
Virat Kohli with his mother. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Recalling the old time when the run machine was losing fat, Kohli revealed that his mother thought he was sick.

The skipper also found it difficult to explain to his mother that fitness was necessary for his career.

My mom used to tell me that I am becoming weak. That is a very regular thing, any mother would say. They (mothers) didn’t understand the difference between having concern and having professionalism about a sport you’re playing,” Kohi said in the recent chat with Mayank Agarwal.

“If the child is not looking chubby, that means there’s something wrong with him or he is sick. So I was always like I am not sick. Every other day I had to convince her that I am not sick and I am doing this because I want to play. It was so difficult to convince her,” he added.

Virat Kohli,
Virat Kohli. Image Credit: Twitter

Virat Kohli’s mother was concerned about his son’s health but the flamboyant batsman was focused and followed his regime.

Kohli further stated, “That was funny at times but also annoying at times because you are following a regime and next day when you wake up and hear that ‘Tu toh beemaar lag raha hai’ (you are looking sick)… But yeah, good times.”

Now, Virat Kohli, at the age of 31, is probably the fittest cricketers in the game. He has scored over 20,000 international runs and amassed 70 centuries across all formats.