Podcaster Compare Alexa Bliss' Wrestling Skills With S*x, WWE Stars Respond
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Podcaster Compare Alexa Bliss’ Wrestling Skills With S*x, WWE Stars Respond

Online bullies and trolls know no bounds when it comes to criticizing the WWE superstars. Alexa Bliss is the latest addition to the list who was being trolled for her lack of wrestling skills which was compared to her bedroom abilities.

Thankfully, this disgusting act was caught attention to Alexa Bliss herself and her other WWE colleagues who decided to fire back to the person who tried to stir down the controversy.

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An IWC personality named JD took the meanest way while describing the in-ring works of Alexa Bliss. He compared it to having s*x while asking people to imagine how it would feel to go into bed with Bliss and concluded saying this, “she performs the same way she does in the ring? Awful!” He said she just “lays there.”

Podcaster Compare Alexa Bliss' Wrestling Skills With S*x, WWE Stars Respond 1


A Twitter user posted a video of podcaster JDfromNY206 saying that he can guarantee that Alexa Bliss “is one of those women out there who just takes it [in bed], she does nothing,” adding, “Can you imagine being in bed with Alexa Bliss as she performs the same way she does in the ring? Awful! All looks and no substance whatsoever!”


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Alexa Bliss took a shot back at this comment which she obviously hated. She usually ignores this kind of comment because it’s not worth her time. But this time around, people went too far and she had to reply with the following comments,


“Normally I ignore his ignorance Bc all he wants is to be recognized by bashing me… but ex freaking scuse me sir??? … HOW DARE YOU discredit my work in such a disgraceful way. #WhatAClassAct”





The Goddess then added that “He’s been blocked forever on my end. He’s Just one of those people who talks crap behind a microphone while waiting In line for pics at Axxess.”



Several other WWE superstars also sounded their voice for Alexa Bliss including Sonya Deville, Braun Strowman, and Paige. The anti-Diva wrote, “This is the problem right here. HES one of the problems. Cyber bullying is NOT okay and to this extent too? What a disgrace and I’m assuming he’s supposed to be a reporter of some sorts? Shame on you JD. Your work is incredible @AlexaBliss_WWE pay no mind to ignorance like this.”


Podcaster Compare Alexa Bliss' Wrestling Skills With S*x, WWE Stars Respond 2


Mixed tag team partner of Alexa Bliss, Strowman remarked the following, “This sad ass MARK talking like he even knows what it’s like to share a bed with a woman. He should prob stick to talking about wrestling cause he doesn’t know s–t about it either but atleast he can pretend he does. Oh and eating hot pockets his mom makes him!!! #Trash”



Sonya Deville wished that she just get to meet this person, once day hoping to teach him a lesson. Alexa Bliss has all the reasons to be angry after hearing those kinds of comments from a person who may have never stepped into a ring, first-hand. Especially at a time when cyber-bullying has become a big issue, steps should be taken to stop harassing WWE stars like this.