Carmella Reveals How Longer She Will Be In Action In The WWE

Carmella Reveals How Longer She Will Be In Action In The WWE

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Carmella is one of the most promising in-ring talents that WWE’s female division currently possesses. This woman has been a two-time Money in the Bank winner that is an accolade that no one in the WWE females does have.

This later led her to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion. She has experienced a lot of big moments inside that squared circle.

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The Princess of Staten Island might be looking forward to making some more big moments as stated in a recently bygone interview. She has no idea or will to quit the wrestling ring in the near future.

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Carmella Reveals How Longer She Will Be In Action In The WWE 1

The Fayetteville Observer was the source who spoke to Carmella. During the conversation, the subject of her career longevity was raised. She spoke about transforming into other businesses with her wine company.

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She does know that your career in the ring can be over in an instant. The same story was true for her boyfriend, Corey Graves who was forced to retire due to a neck concussion.

Carmella stated that there’s no cap on how long she plans to wrestle in the WWE. She is enjoying her time in the company where the Women’s Evolution is still going strong. Personally, she is in an extremely good phase as her bond with Graves is stronger than ever.

So there’s no basic need of thinking of a retirement plan for her. Meanwhile, here’s what Carmella has stated in the interview, (courtesy

“That’s a great question. I have no idea. There’s no cap. Right now I’m 32 years old, and I’m having a blast. I don’t know what the future holds, but I want to continue to be a part of this women’s revolution and make history.

Carmella Reveals How Longer She Will Be In Action In The WWE 2

Right now is the best time to be a lady wrestler, especially in WWE. We’re just taking over. I’m not ready to slow down anytime soon.”

“Yes, we’re in the middle of a women’s revolution. The women are making history left and right. I was lucky enough to be the very first woman in a ladder match for the money in the bank contract for the women and that was a historical moment and I’m so grateful that my name will always go down in history for that.

But you know, the women are main eventing now, and that wasn’t something that was ever heard of before for the women. We’re just breaking barriers, and I couldn’t be more proud of our women.”

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion is in a decent phase of her career at this point. She is not in the title picture for more than a year but she is not lost from the scene, as well.

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Carmella recently left R-Truth’s side and she is back on her own in the singles division. Perhaps WWE will use her as the contender for the SmackDown Women’s Title, someday in the future.