Former Two-Time World Champion Christian Set To Return On Next WWE Raw

Former Two-Time World Champion Set To Return On Next WWE Raw

courtesy WWE

Veteran pro-wrestler and former World Heavyweight Champion Christian announced on this week’s WWE Backstage he will be appearing on the upcoming edition of Monday’s RAW. He will be presenting a very special edition of his talk show also known as The Peep Show. There’s no update on who his guests will be. But the reason behind his appearance was let known.


Christian stated that he’ll be appearing to talk about the scheduled match between WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Randy Orton at WWE Backlash on June 14. As we all know by now, WWE is billing this bout as the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.” These two previously met at WrestleMania 36 in a Last Man Standing Match where Edge was the winner.

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The next time around, Randy Orton wants to put Edge’s wrestling abilities through tests, and hence the rematch will be happening. Considering the amount of experience these two stars have, we can very well be expecting this match to become the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever. Apparently, Christian has something to say about it on Raw.


On a related note, this upcoming edition of Raw is going to be the go-home episode for WWE Backlash and we expect a full-fledged buildup to the scheduled match between Edge and Randy Orton on the show set from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. It won’t be a surprise if both Edge and Randy Orton show up on the Peep Show hosted by Christian.

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The ongoing rivalry between Edge and Randy Orton fuelled up the speculation whether it’s possible for Christian to come back to WWE in-ring competition. In recent years we’ve seen the returns of Daniel Bryan and Edge even after they had career-ending injuries. Christian also dealt with concussions before hanging up the boots.


While speaking with The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast, Christian clarified that there’s no way that he’s ever going to wrestle, again,


“It’s a much different injury. I get that a lot now that [Edge] has come back, ‘Oh, you’re next, right?’ No, because it’s a different injury,” revealed Christian. “When I was younger maybe I would have explored it a bit more, but I’m not. I’m pretty content with where I’m at and the things I’m doing. People ask me and I keep telling them that there is zero chance I will be back in the ring wrestling.”