Dean Ambrose fka Jon Moxley Blames Vince McMahon For Leaving WWE

Big News: Dean Ambrose Aka Jon Moxley Blames Vince McMahon For Leaving WWE

Jon Moxley
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It’s no surprise that former Champion Dean Ambrose was not happy with his position in the WWE. Despite numerous trying, he chose to walk out of the biggest wrestling promotion and live life in his way. The rest is history as he is now the hottest superstar around the pro-wrestling circuit. The latest AEW superstar has appeared in an exclusive interview on the Talk is Jericho podcast to share his bad experiences in the WWE.

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Basically, he blamed Vince McMahon for mishandling business. It’s the way of producing that he is killing the wrestling aspect by all means. Dean Ambrose accepted the fact that WWE has a huge roster filled up with talents as no other company has. But McMahon just can’t utilize them properly. Additionally, he took away wrestling from Dean Ambrose that he loves to do the most, (courtesy

“They take wrestling away from you,” Jon Moxley said. “Wrestling is my first love and my only love besides my wife. It’s the thing I’m most passionate about, I love it. I feel like I got it back finally. Since I was a little kid, I was always watching tapes, always thinking of promos. I wanted to watch all the wrestling, I loved pacing around the house thinking of promos, waking up in the middle of the night and just thinking of a cool line or a way to tell the story of a match.”

The Grand Slam Champion in WWE continued how the creative team would not approve his idea. He always wanted to return as a heel after his injury in 2018. But Vince McMahon would not allow this since The Shield was going to perform in a match at WWE Super Show-Down in Australia. So he basically hated coming back to the company,

“I was so excited to come back to wrestling, but I was not excited to come back to WWE. I was picturing myself in other places, I was picturing myself coming back to like CZW. I was picturing myself in Japan. Anywhere but WWE.

My particular type of charisma, Vince [McMahon] just can’t just let me be. He’s got to put a hat on me or put me in a goofy vehicle. For whatever reason, I and Vince are like Mentos and Diet Coke together, we just create this explosion of goofy nonsense that I detest.”

The character of Dean Ambrose does not exist in the pro -wrestling circuit, anymore. He left WWE once his deal expired and headed to the independent circuit to become a headliner. The return of the hardcore legend Jon Moxley happened within a few days that shook the Internet Wrestling Fraternity from its core. He showed up at All Elite Wrestling promotion that shocked the WWE Universe.

With this return of Jon Moxley comes endless chances to explore the hardcore character that we had barely seen on TV. He is all set to feature in numerous matches in the near future around the wrestling circuit that will constantly make headlines. In case you don’t know, the ‘lunatic fringe’ will also be heading towards New Japan Pro-Wrestling starting in the summer.