Joella Anoa’i: The Adorable Roman Reigns Daughter

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Meet Joella Anoa’i: The Adorable Roman Reigns Daughter 

Meet Joella Anoa’i: The Adorable Roman Reigns Daughter
Roman Reigns with his daughter

Meet Joella Anoa’i: The Adorable Roman Reigns Daughter ∼ Roman Reigns is a complete family man by all the means. He has been with his wife since his college days. Nobody can complain about his personal life, at all. He also comes from the legendary Samoan family of the Rock, Rikishi and The Usos. This automatically allowed WWE to select him as their prime representative.

Meet Joella Anoa’i: The Adorable Roman Reigns Daughter

It’s a fact that WWE could not ask for a better franchise guy than him. This man walks and talks like a superman like John Cena used to be in his heyday. Plus, Roman Reigns Daughter Joella Anoa’i and His wife Gelina Joella Baker completes his happy family which gives a sample of ‘leadership by example’ from WWE perspective.

You might say how Roman Reigns daughter or his partner is relevant in this context. We want to let you know that the pro-wrestling world was never a PG-show starting from the 90s. It was only by the beginning of this decade that WWE wanted to transform it into a cleaner show. They wanted the Rated-R status out of the window to attract more audiences to it. The company also wanted someone a staunch man without any bad record to continue the tradition.

A new face seemed much-needed who can meet their requirements. WWE converted into a totally PG programming by the time Roman Reigns entered the scene. The officials spotted this man who did not have a solid resume. He did not spend times around the independent circuit like most of the other names did. But he certainly had the inherited wrestling blood from his family.

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This made him the front-runner to become the new prime babyface of the company all of a sudden. Also, Roman Reigns daughter Joella Anoa’iand wife gave him a balanced life that a real man can ask for. This could have not only represented him to be a good wrestler but a perfect man, too. He takes care of his family all the time leaving an example to the fans. Roman Reigns New Update


Roman Reigns Daughter, Joella Anoa’i
Roman Reigns with Family

Now it’s worth to mention that Roman Reigns had to stay out of his house for the most part of the year. He is always busy doing shows for the company. It is just half of his entire WWE schedule as he has to expand his duties to numerous other things. We can find him most of the media events, major sports events, charity shows and more.

These works would not let him be with his family for much time. But he can live up to the hopes with the help from the family members. Roman Reigns wife Galina Joelle Becker is the strongest support whom he married in 2014. Roman Reigns daughter was an important part of the wedding too. Some of the pictures on the social media spotted her to attend her parent’s wedding ceremony.

Well, we want to introduce it to the most favorite part of Roman Reigns’ life which is his little child. Her name is Joella Anoa’I whom her family also call as JoJo. She is one of the most adorable younger ones in the WWE family.

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His daughter Joella Anoa’i is almost ten years old. There are doubts about her exact date of birth. But reports suggest that she had seen the first light of the earth on December 14th, 2008. Her dad confirmed the date on one occasion but the exact birth year is still unknown. Nevertheless, we can assume by the looks that Joella has crossed childhood and entered her puberty days.

We came by a funny incident regarding the birthday of her daughter Joella Anoa’i. The franchise player of the WWE won his first WWE championship at Survivor Series 2015. Some of the fans do not count it since it lasted for some minutes. Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to steal it then and there. The memorable day turned into a complete nightmare for him.

The rivalry continued as Roman Reigns seemed focused to regain his title. He was finally able to recapture it on December 14th, 2015. It was one of the most watched segments in the history of WWE Raw. The Usos joined their brother for a celebration inside the ring. Plus, most of the fans consider this being the biggest achievement of his career until then.

Roman Reigns Daughter, Joella Anoa’i
Reigns with family

Roman Reigns daughter received that win as the birthday treat from his father. Some of the fans started to think that Joella arrived on the very same day that year. But they realized their mistake from the wedding picture of Reigns and Galina.

It was just a heartfelt message from the little one’s dad on her seventh birthday. This also proved how good he is as a dad by letting her little daughter’s special day bringing to the public. The duties of The Guy just increased from the same year as he dethroned John Cena from the franchise player’s position.

WWE was aware of this father-quality of the player and inserted him in a new campaign. It came just months before this huge WWE Championship win came. He represented WWE in the “Take time to be a dad” campaign in 2015. Roman Reigns daughter was an integral part of it during the summer of that year. Titus O’Neil was another name who competed in the contest as a proud father. Later he also won the contest.

Both of these names reside in Florida. WWE billed Reigns from Pensacola, Florida whereas Titus got the billing from Tampa, Florida. These two names are extremely devotees when it comes to social works. So we could see them as regular faces in campaigns like ‘Make-A-Wish’.

Roman Reigns Daughter, Joella Anoa’i
Reigns with family

We do know Vince McMahon’s nag to use any real-life contest on WWE storylines. When he saw people showering sympathy on the Big Dog, being a family man, he wanted to make it an angle. Bray Wyatt was his then-rival for four consecutive PPV events.

WWE let the ‘Eater of the World’ play mind games mentioning Roman Reigns daughter. There were several pictures available of Joella from the “Take Time to be a Dad” campaign. Bray used to beat down his opponent by showing these pictures proving his failure. Later, Reigns beat the hell out of Wyatt culminating the rivalry at Hell in a Cell.

The poster boy of the company was not initially willing to bring his daughter into the context. It is WWE TV where the whole world would get to see Roman Reigns daughter. He did not use any real-life matters on WWE storyline previously or in the future. But it did give him a pleasant experience.

Wrestling journalist cum WWE PPV pre-show panelist Sam Roberts talked with him about this matter. Reigns had fun while bringing his family context on national TV. Initially, he was not feeling comfortable to do this. But the way it advanced, the storyline pleased him. WWE did not use any personal photos of Roman Reigns daughter during the Bray Wyatt angle. We got to see only the photos from promotional activities.

We could spot Roman Reigns daughter in WWE programming once again in 2016. It happened at the biggest event of the year i.e. Wrestlemania. That year WWE advertised the show to be bigger than ever with multiple legends returning to the show. Vince McMahon was much enthusiastic about putting Roman Reigns over with the crowd using Triple H.

Roman Reigns Daughter, Joella Anoa’i
Reigns with family

These two featured in the main event of the showcase of immortals to sell out a hundred thousand crowd. Predictably the poster boy of the company defeated the cerebral assassin to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the third time. We received a grand coronation for him before the show went off the air. It also marked a strange experience where one million people booed him out of the building.

Following that, Joella Anoa’i came out from the backstage to greet his father. It was one of the most emotional moments in wrestling history where daddy carried her to the back on his shoulder. Maybe, we have needed this on the actual show to stop the disgraceful reactions from the fans. Using Reigns’ family to bring out the humanity out of them would be a far better option.

Roman Reigns Daughter, Joella Anoa’i
Reigns at Wrestlemania 32


Pictures of the same went viral on the social media after Wrestlemania was over. Maybe this is the most important part of the current top babyface who gets sympathy when the family gets attached to him. WWE tried to do the same bringing The Usos or The Rock in his favor. It received mixed reactions from the fans which are a far better option than getting booed.

As you can see family is and always will be a significant part of Roman Reigns’ WWE career. This is why we should mention his wife into the context. Galina Joelle Becker Anoa’i is his better half whom he married in 2014. Although he was in search for the top spot in the WWE by then, we did not hear about the marriage at all.

WWE removed him from a storyline angle perspective, feigning an injury. He was out on a private island to get the marriage done with the love of his life. They did not appear together in front of public eyes for some days. The first time we saw Joelle on WWE TV was at WWE Hall of Fame event in 2014. Since then these two walked hand-in-hand on a number of events but the appearances have been limited.

Roman Reigns Daughter, Joella Anoa’i
Joelle with Joella

A fitness model by profession, Joelle is in charge of Joella Anoa’i as her dad is out of the town all the time. She is letting her grow protecting from the public eyes. It is a must for a baby girl like Joella Anoa’I whose father gets negative heat from the crowd all the time. Who knows that her baby girl will not be affected by this?

Going through this article, you people probably have an idea of how much his family means to Roman Reigns. They are a big happy family and we wanted them to be in that way always. The franchise guy needs them the most after getting back to home. Because he probably gets tired of hearing boos during his entire live event schedule. Joelle and Joella will always have to be the rock behind to let him stay strong as he has to carry a company load despite this.

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