The Undertaker’s Next Match & WWE WrestleMania 36 Status
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Revealed: The Undertaker’s Next Match & WWE WrestleMania 36 Status

The Undertaker has not been seen competing in matches since Extreme Rules 2019. He formed a dream tag team match on that night with Roman Reigns to defeat the team of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre before going into a hiatus.

The expectation was that WWE might use him at Summerslam following the most extreme night of the year. But that was not the case as we are yet to see him back on TV since July 2019.

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As of now, provided an update regarding the next appearance of The Undertaker. It stated that to make his in-ring comeback at next month’s Saudi Arabia pay-per-view on February 27.

He has not wrestled in the bygone Saudi show in October which created a tremendous backlash among the Saudi fans. Hence, WWE will move into the country with The Phenome in the match card.

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However, just like last year, The Undertaker is currently not scheduled to work in WrestleMania 36. It was reported in early 2019 that WWE does not wish to use him around the biggest event of the year unless it’s necessary. This show usually has bigger star powers in the form of multiple mainstream stars alongside or pro-wrestling legends who returns to compete in one-off matches.

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Not only this ensures more Saudi dates reserved for The Undertaker but also WWE can get more longevity out of him at his age. Here’s more from the source,

“The reason behind this move is that The Undertaker is a very important part of WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia (as Saudi Arabia officials like Old School Wrestlers and Undertaker is the #1 active Old School Legend in the business today), and this deal played a major role in Vince McMahon convincing Taker to come out of retirement after WrestleMania 33.”

Most of the fans might not like the idea of not seeing The Undertaker on the showcase of immortals on consecutive occasions. Saudi Arabia shows do not mean much to them in general as these are often considered to be glorified house shows. But the money produced from Saudi is something that WWE can’t deny. So they will keep emphasizing the shows, no matter what.


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