WWE Officials Thought No One Would Want To Have S*x With AJ Lee

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WWE News: WWE Officials Informed No One Would Want To Have S*x With AJ Lee 

WWE News: WWE Officials Informed No One Would Want To Have S*x With AJ Lee
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AJ Lee will always remain a revolutionary name in the Divas division history of WWE. Perhaps no one like her had the short but the most impactful on the roster as well as the audience. So most of us think of her name whenever we remembered of perhaps the Greatest Divas Champion of all-time.

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She recently opened up on a myriad of topics during an interview with Kristine Leahy on Fair Game. This included the backstage environment during her prime which was not that much good for the Divas. Since WWE used them in eye-candy purposes, they had to look better or else the company could punish them. Here are the words from AJ Lee, (courtesy wwfoldschool.com)

“In my time in the business, there was so much pressure on the girls to conform to a mold and a formula that worked. Not only was it pressure, you would sort of be punished if you didn’t.

There was a time when they would check to make sure our manicures were perfect. If our hair wasn’t long enough, they’d tell us we had to get extensions, and your weight would be commented on. That made for a lot of pressure where girls didn’t feel like they could just show who their genuine self was.”

Bur the ‘crazy’ superstar also mentioned that it was not the only way to make a name for herself in the WWE. If it was so then her stint could have become a failure. AJ Lee always wanted to do things on her terms without making any compromise that makes her one of the all-time greats.

Since AJ Lee was not a so-called glam-doll like most of the other Divas division members, the job was always tough for her to get a break-through. She also remembered one moment when one official told her that no one would like to have s*x since nobody found her that much attractive,

“I was rare at the time. You didn’t see a girl who was like not wearing her makeup, or not doing her hair, or was wearing clothes that you could find at Target on TV. I got in trouble for that at first. I was told that no one would want to have s*x with me. Yes, it’s a title of a chapter in my book — “No one wants to have s*x with you.

I cried. I cried for so long, and then my hair was immediately dyed lighter. Yeah, it was very demoralizing, but I kind of took it like, ‘Okay. I tried to conform for a minute, but no this isn’t me’.”

Thankfully, fans were always in support of AJ Lee throughout the ups and downs in her career. It gave her the strength to fight against the odds and become the mistress of attention. She has a full controversial career having a number of on-screen relationships with male stars. Plus, the attention-seeker tag handed her a title reign that continued for 295 days setting a record.

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