WWE Planning John Morrison & Usos Return In Near Future

WWE Planning Two Big Surprise Returns In Near Future

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We are in the last month of 2019 that will have one final pay-per-view in the calendar in the form of TLC. The WWE Network special will take place on December 15th following which the Wrestlemania season will slowly be picking up as we can expect numerous returns on the card.

Royal Rumble officially kicks things off for the biggest event of the year which can be considered as the most unpredictable time of the year.

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With that being said, we can definitely expect to see a couple of returns on WWE programming in due course. Reports are available regarding John Morrison potentially returning to WWE in due course.

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Apparently, he signed a new contract with the company which will allow him to make a comeback to the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world.

Slice Wrestling has now given updates that WWE is closely guarding the return of John Morrison for a bigger occasion. They might have had a secret plan with him which should be executed at a perfect time which could blow away the fans’ mind.

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The strategy would be to use him as the star attraction serving to the fanbase following John Morrison to attract the 2000’s wrestling fans. ‬

The source also hinted that WWE may intend to use John Morrison on NXT as ‘a way to continue building the brand in an effort to have a stronger chance at winning the rating war against AEW.’

Now that’s a pretty good plan as the high-flying superstar will enjoy actions against the NXT stars who know no bound. But a main roster return should also be there on the card to give him the global exposure.

Another return hinted by the source would be of The Usos. They have been missing WWE action since the July, 29th episode of RAW as they are on a hiatus over personal requests. The source confirmed that the Samoan Twins have been given the green signal and their return can happen at any point.

Currently, The USOs will begin their journey on the SmackDown brand to continue as a Tag-Team. They can soon re-join Roman Reigns to form the Bloodline faction if needed.