Chris Jericho Speaks On How WWE Is Misusing Roman Reigns

Chris Jericho Speaks On How WWE Is Misusing Roman Reigns

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Differences over creative opinions led Chris Jericho to leave the WWE, much earlier and form an alliance outside the company. This eventually led birth to the rival brand named All Elite Wrestling promotion.

But he has certainly not forgotten to keep track of what’s going on in the WWE. This is the reason why he recently opined on WWE misusing Roman Reigns.

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Chris Jericho appeared on Konnan’s “Keepin’ it 100” podcast where he spoke about a myriad of topics. One of them was that WWE arranging scripted promos for their superstars.

The veteran blamed this tradition which has ruined the on-screen character of Roman Reigns. As per him, Reigns is the one if not the top star in WWE. But the company might have failed to properly use him over the years.

According to the nine-time Intercontinental champion, Roman Reigns is a top and cool guy on the roster. He would have been appreciated much better if being in AEW,

“If you had a guy like Roman Reigns in AEW, he would be so over,” Chris Jericho stated. “Roman is so legit, a real cool dude, man.”

He added that if WWE would have given Roman Reigns the opportunity to flourish properly, he would have sounded a lot better. But these scripted promos have been ruining things for him,

“They never portray him like that on the show. They always give him these promos to read and the real Roman Reigns never really shines through.”

Chris Jericho has been with the WWE for almost two decades before signing with the AEW promotion. Perhaps, he was frustrated as well with the hand-written promos that WWE has always been using. He wanted to get rid of it and thus ended up forming a different league, altogether. Now he has become a prime title-holder in the AEW.

En route to this accomplishment, Chris Jericho has beaten the likes of Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing and Adam Page to become the inaugural AEW World Champion at All Out. As for Roman Reigns, he still is the Big Dog in the company who is looking forward to Wrestlemania main-event for a fifth time in 2020.

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