Chetan Sakariya’s Father Succumbs To COVID-19

Chetan Sakariya’s father Kanjibhai Sakariya passed away at a hospital in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar after it was reported a day ago that the cricketer visited his father at the hospital. Young Saurashtra pacer Chetan Sakariya’s father Kanjibhai Sakariya died due to COVID-19 at


Flop XI Of The IPL 2021

The IPL 2021 did see a lot of good performances but it came as a surprise when some of the seasoned campaigners failed to impress until the midway of the tournament. Every team played a minimum of seven games and the Indian


5 Weird Trophies In Cricket

In professional cricket, the trophies have been generally awarded to the players for providing their best performance or to the captains for achieving the best success in a series or tournament. To date, we have seen a few weird trophies in professional

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