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Top 10 wicked cricketers

Though cricket is known as a gentleman’s game but still there are few players in the game who are famous and still remembered for their wicked attitude. Some of them even after retirement have not changed and continue to mock others.

Today, we have a look at the players who are famous for their wicked attitude:

Top 10 greatest ever fielders in international cricketTop 10 greatest ever fielders in international cricket
Top 10 greatest ever fielders in international cricket

Top 10 greatest ever fielders in international cricket

Fielders are very important for a team. They  can change the hue of the match with their outstanding fielding.  They have played a great role to make many bowlers great. Like batting and bowling, their athletism on the field often mesmerises cricket fans. These fielders have proved that cricket is not only a game of batsman and bowlers but also for the fielders who can play as important as a bowler.  They save runs, convert half chances into full chances to award the bowler a wicket.

There are many fielders and bowling combinations we know who compliment each other on the cricket field as behind a bowler’s success a fielder has a great contribution.

So here are 10 great fielders in international cricket:

Mohammad Kaif: Top 10 greatest ever fielders in international cricket 1

The former Indian cricketer was the pioneer of Indian fielding. He loved to field at the crucial places like point and cover. He was very quick and spontaneous.  Diving catches have just breaded a butter for him.  He made his debut for India in 2000 against South Africa and ODI debut in 2002 against England.

He has saved many runs for India and helped many Indian bowlers to look great. His knack of taking difficult catches often helped Indian bowlers to take a wicket from unlikely situations.

His catch against Pakistan in 2004 India’s tour of Pakistan is one of the greatest as Hemang Badani was too running for the match and Kaif too; they collided but Kaif didn’t leave the ball to drop on the ground at a crucial juncture of the match.

Robin Uthappa, Kerala
Robin Uthappa (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Robin Uthappa’s fitting reply when Symonds called him a monkey

Banters, altercations, interesting exchanges and a lot of fierce cricket totally describes every India versus Australia outing. The fixture has witnessed many incidents where players from both the sides are found to be involved in ugly verbal altercations. While Australians have mastered the art  of sledging, there are some instances when Indian players came on top.

Karnataka cricketer Robin Uthappa opened up about such an incident during the 2007 T20 World Cup where he gave a fitting reply to  shut up Aussie Matthew Hayden.

“When I went into bat, Matthew Hayden was sledging me a lot. I am the kind of guy who takes it in my stride but makes sure I give it back. When I was fielding and he came to bat I was giving it to him. He didn’t like it and obviously, I was just a youngster getting off the blocks in international cricket.

He said, “You know I’ve played 11 years of international cricket, you need to respect me”. And I was like hey boss I think you are forgetting something that respect isn’t demanded it’s earned. I think that hit a soft spot with him and I didn’t hear a word from him after that. A couple of overs later we had someone cast limb and he was bowled,” Uthappa told cricket humourist Vikram Sathaye on an episode of ‘What The Duck’.

He recalled another incident when Andrew Symonds called him a monkey in a match in Hyderabad, while Uthappa was batting.

“So we were playing Hyderabad. We were batting and then he spoke to me, ‘Hey monkey, hey monkey’. I looked at him and said, ‘Symo have you had a look in the mirror lately?’” Uthapped guffawed.



Part-time bowlers who destroyed opposition bowling
Part-time bowlers who destroyed opposition bowling

Top 5 instances when part-time bowlers destroyed opposition batting

Part-time bowlers often don’t get the recognition which they deserve. Captain decides to hand him the ball when he wants to rest his main weapons or just wants to wind away a few overs without leaking too many runs. However, more than once, part-timers had a huge impact with the ball and completely changed the course of the game.

Here is a list of Top 5 instances when part-time bowlers completely destroyed opposition batting.


Videos: 5 hilarious wrong decisions given by third umpires in international cricket

The third umpire is always an important part of cricket as he produces the right decision which is very tough to give decisions perfectly from human eyes. The third umpire uses technologies to view those incidents very closely with different angles and then give the perfect decisions. Through the technologies, very small things are clearly viewed.

But sometimes the third umpires give some weird wrong decisions despite using technology, which makes controversies and raises the questions about the umpires’ ability. Even sometimes the decisions are given by the experienced and successful third umpires which come as a shock to the cricket fans.

Now, we will talk about 5 those hilarious wrong decisions which were given by the third umpire in the international cricket.

Eden Gardens stands during 1996 World Cup semi final
Eden Gardens stands during 1996 World Cup semi final

10 most embarrassing crowd moments in the cricketing history

Spectators at cricket matches are generally known to give a polite round of applause to mark a boundary, emit the odd ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ if a ball whizzes past the edge of the bat, and pay respect saying “Well played, sir!” if a batsman gets dismissed after a wonderful innings.

But far from the stereotypical image of spectators at a cricket match who respectfully applaud in between sips of Earl Grey tea, Sportzwiki looks at ten shocking incidents in cricket’s history when warming a plastic seat all day just wasn’t enough.

Andrew Symonds

Top 5 international bowlers who served as pacer and spinner both

In the international cricket, there are various kind of bowlers which generally divided into two categories. One is pacer and another one is a spinner. In the pacer category, the examples are the fast bowler, the fast-medium bowler, medium-fast bowler, medium bowler etc. and in the spinner category, there are all the slow bowlers like off-spinner, the leg-spinner, orthodox, unorthodox (chinaman) etc. However in the international cricket, it is legal to bowl both pace and spin by a bowler even in the single over, but in reality, it is not easy to maintain the multi-style for a bowler in the international cricket. But there are some cricketers who became famous for their multi-style bowling.

Now we will talk about top 5 of these kinds of international bowlers who were successful for this kind of bowling.