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WWE News: Real Reason Why WWE Superstars Were Stuck In Saudi Arabia

Reports went viral about WWE roster being stuck for 24 hours in Saudi Arabia due to the plane suffering a mechanical failure. Most of the roster members could not make it to the United States due to this and as a result, SmackDown did not have any of the marquee names on the show. Most of the NXT roster superstars filled up the void by showing up which made the show a success, anyway.

Brock Lesnar’s match announced for Survivor Series 2019

But the bigger controversies surrounded by Saudi Arabia authority holding the superstars back in their country. Most of the superstars expressed their frustrations on social media regarding this.

Now the latest indication is that the ‘mechanical dispute’ might have been spread to cover up the real story. According to the report from Wrestling Observer Radio, a financial dispute between WWE and the Saudi government might actually be to blame. (via

“They had not been paid for the last Saudi show, the Super ShowDown show that was the last Saudi show, as of September 30th.” Dave Meltzer continued, “They did say (on the investors call) they received $60 million after September 30th, which is when the report closed but before October 31st, and so this would be a couple of hours before (Crown Jewel) started. So, there was talk about money owed, and there was clearly money owed but exactly what happened that led to Vince McMahon having whatever happened that led to the delay.”

This eventually led to another dispute between WWE and Saudi Arabia’s sports authority. The Boss did not allow the Crown Jewel PPV to air on live TV in the host country itself. The beginning portion did not stream live. Later, the two parties reached an agreement and the program went on air,

“The talent all knew the story that there was some sort of showdown and Vince would not allow the thing to be televised and then it was evidently settled in some form and then the show aired like one person said 2 hours but I think it was like 40 minutes late.”

As noted earlier, a lot of WWE talents were unhappy with the fact that Saudi Arabia harassed them for almost 24 hours. They have also expressed their desire not to visit the country, at all in the future. From what we understand, if the dispute does not get resolved from its root, there could be more conflict waiting in the future.

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Update: WWE Roster Stuck In Saudi Arabia, Triple H Ran This Week’s Smackdown

Last night’s SmackDown that took place from the KeyBank Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia had some massive changes on the card. As reported on numerous outlets, WWE superstars could not return to the USA after performing at Crown Jewel on this past Thursday night.

NXT women’s champion attacks Bayley

As a result, the blue brand’s show from FOX emanated with NXT stars filling up the show, mostly. Details reports are now available on the actual horrible situation that WWE superstars faced in the middle-eastern country.

Brock Lesnar quits SmackDown

WWE acknowledged the fact that flight issues coming out of Saudi Arabia is the reason why the match card of SmackDown, changed. This is why several WWE NXT Superstars flew to Buffalo from Florida to perform on the show.

Triple H threatens WWE main roster

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that a situation occurred where there were concerns that the show may not actually take place, at all. Several production members got stuck in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and WWE may not have enough personnel to run the show.

But the presence of NXT stars saved the day for WWE. Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer that the talents were stuck in the Kingdom and had a schedule of flying back to the United States at around 3 am local time, or around 8 pm ET. They are likely to arrive back in the United States at around 4 pm ET on Saturday.

Here are some details on the situation courtesy of,

“As WWE noted in their announcement, one group of people, said to be 12 top stars and 8 key production workers, arranged for a different flight to make it to SmackDown but due to “other issues” they were not able to arrive in time, and are landing in Newark instead.

It was noted by that Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn and Vince’s personal staff left out of Saudi Arabia before these issues came up as they left earlier on Vince’s private jet. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan also reportedly left the Kingdom immediately on Lesnar’s private jet that he is given for these special events.”

As noted earlier, SmackDown had to air with some re-arranged lineup due to the marquee superstars’ absence. Triple H was in charge of the show that took place in Buffalo who made the cross-brand matchups on the show.

The nixed lineups include new WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt appearing on MizTV as well as a title match between The New Day vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Revival. Also, a six-woman tag team action and Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin was scrapped from the show.

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WWE News: How Did Natalya & Lacey Evans Make History At Crown Jewel?

WWE made history last night as Lacey Evans and Natalya became the first women to wrestle in Saudi Arabia. This was a big deal in the history of the country who had a lot of barriers when it comes to women taking part in sports.

After a lot of persuasions towards Saudi Arabia officials, they finally gave a green signal to the much-anticipated matchup that garnered mainstream attention.

New Universal Champion crowned at Crown Jewel

Brad Shepard provided some backstage updates on how Lacey Evans and Natalya appeared to be the two women to compete in this matchup. He reported that it was Vince McMahon who handpicked Evans to compete in this match.

Lesnar vs. Velasquez match result

Stephanie McMahon is the one who inserted Natalya into the match. Stephanie didn’t make the trip to Saudi Arabia herself, but she was able to pull the trigger on behalf of  Natalya,

“According to a source in #WWE, Lacey Evans was handpicked by Vince McMahon and Natalya was handpicked by Stephanie McMahon, for the women’s match at #WWECrownJewel.” (As reported by Shepard)

Stephanie McMahon recently appeared in an interview with Bleacher Report to talk about the historic announcement WWE made on Wednesday during the Crown Jewel press conference. It was then when WWE confirmed that the women’s division match will take place after a lot of considerations.

Stephanie talked about the rich history that Natalya had over the years in the WWE. So it was an automatic choice for the officials to insert the veteran superstar in this kind of a historic contest,

“Natalya is somewhat of a legend in the women’s division. She is the veteran. She has been here for so long, been a part of so many of the changes that have happened.” McMahon added that when Nattie’s legacy and family history are pretty remarkable, itself.

As for Lacey Evans, Stephanie stated that she is new to the scene but managed to earn a ton of praise by showcasing her perspective towards life. She also wants to set an example for her daughter which is quite remarkable of her own. So Stephanie concluded saying, “I can’t think of better representatives for WWE.”

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WWE News: Tyson Fury Defeats Braun Strowman Via Count-Out At Crown Jewel

The much-anticipated bout between Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman went down at Crown Jewel, last night giving a pleasant experience for the fans. By the end of the contest, it was the heavyweight boxer who stood tall to win the match.

But some might not consider it as a proper win as the referee counted out Strowman from the match. Plus, the Monster among Men also sought revenge following the contest at Crown Jewel.

Full results from Crown Jewel

The match started with Braun Strowman making his appearance on the stage. Tyson Fury made a grand entrance resembling the dress code of Saudi Arabia people. He got a really big pyro and fire display while coming out in a traditional Saudi robe. More fireworks went off above the stadium as Strowman seemed unhappy with the amount of coronation that the debutant received.

After the formal introduction by the ring announcers, Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman locked horns with shoulder tackles. Fury seemed to be having the upper hand but his opponent leveled him with a big boot. Lesnar vs. Velasquez match result from Crown Jewel

Braun controlled the match for sometimes before hitting shoulder-first into the ring post. This led him to the floor as Tyson Fury tried to retaliate from the earlier beatdowns.

Braun Strowman tried to pick momentums with his running shoulder blocks. But his opponent stopped him from doing so by hitting with a Drive-By that received a massive pop from the crowd. Both men entered the ring after which Tyson Fury kicked Strowman into the face.

But the monster tried to come back hitting powerslams on him. However, Fury caught him with a right hand to knock out of the ring. Strowman ended up receiving another big right hand from Fury to get counted out.

The referee declared Tyson Fury as the winner as Braun Strowman failed to get back into the ring within the referee’s ten-counts. But this made the big man irate who charged into Fury after the match.

He leveled the Gypsy King with a Running Powerslam once the match was over, perhaps leaving the fight for another day. Meanwhile, Tyson Fury not getting a clean pinfall or submission win protected Braun Strowman from digesting a massive loss.


WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Full Results With Video Highlights

The only global show of 2019 took place last night in the form of Crown Jewel. There were a battle royal, tag team turmoil, huge championship matches and much more on the PPV show. Check out the results from the event that took place at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

How Brock Lesnar helped Hulk Hogan to reach Saudi Arabia

20-man battle royale

Humberto Carrillo picked up the win in this matchup by dumping Rowan outside the ring and thereby earning a shot at the US title. This match took place as part of the Crown Jewel kick-off show.

WWE Championship match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Cain Valesquez

Crown Jewel kicks off with Brock Lesnar squaring off against Velasquez with Rey Mysterio watching from outside. After some initial furious strikes from Cain, Lesnar had the Kimura Lock in on his opponent forcing him to tap out. Rey Mysterio brought a chair to hit Brock who shoved him, right away. Lesnar gave a beatdown on Cain before Rey pounced on Lesnar with some his own chair shots sending Lesnar for a retreat.

9-team World Cup tag team turmoil match: The New Day vs. Heavy Machinery vs. The O.C. vs. The Viking Raiders vs. The Revival vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode vs. Lucha House Party vs. The B-Team vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

It came down to Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows competing against the Viking Raiders by the end of the match. Gallows stopped the tandem offenses created by the tag champs and tagged to Anderson. They executed the Magic Killer on Erik to pick up the win and become the best tag team of the world at Crown Jewel.

Cesaro vs. Mansoor

This match at Crown Jewel witnessed the crowd giving a wild reception to Monsoor. Cesaro started by locking the Sleeper Hold on Monsoor who countered with a Sleeper of his own followed by a tornado DDT. Cesaro countered locking in the Crossface onto Monsoor who delivered a Powerbomb. He followed up with a stunning Moonsault to get the win.

Braun Strowman vs. Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury got a big pyro entrance while entering at Crown Jewel. He locked down with Strowman to begin the matchup. Strowman had the upper-hand by doing some corner spots. He also connected with a couple of charging moves outside the ring. Fury countered with Drive-By for a pop. Strowman countered with some big slams into the ring but received two big punches from Fury to get knocked out outside the ring. Fury picked up the win via count-out. An irate Strowman hit a Running Powerslam on Fury before leaving the ring.

Why Tyson Fury performed at Crown Jewel?

United States Championship match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Humberto Carrillo

Carrillo received big pop doing furious strikes over the US Champion in the early going. AJ rocked Carrillo with a Brainbuster but received two Moonsaults. Carrillo hurt his knees during the second Moonsault that allowed AJ to lock in the Calf Crusher. He soon landed the Phenomenal Forearm to pick up the win and retain his title.

Natalya vs. Lacey Evans

Both the women received big pyros while entering the arena for this historic Crown Jewel matchup. Natalya went for Sharpshooter attempts on two occasions but Lacey countered with a neckbreaker and a Fisherman Suplex. She hit a Moonsault for a two count after which Nattie locked in the Sharpshooter to get the submission win.

Team Hulk Hogan (Roman Reigns, Rusev, Ricochet, Shorty G and Ali) vs. Team Ric Flair (Randy Orton, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Drew McIntyre)

Roman Reigns received the hot tag in the final moments of this Crown Jewel match to run through all of his opponents. He delivered a Superman Punch on Orton and performed a high-flying move to take out everyone. Orton nailed with an RKO but Reigns kicked out. Orton then dropped Ali with another RKO after which Reigns nailed him with the spear to get the victory.

WWE Universal Championship match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

The Fiend continued showing inhuman strength during this physical matchup. Wyatt digested eight Stomps including some on the stage but still managed to get up. A frustrated Rollins them shoved him down into a large stack of production cases from the stage. Sparks and pyro went off as Wyatt still backed up and pinned Rollins to become the new Universal Champion. Crown Jewel came to an end with Wyatt posing with the Universal Championship on the ramp.

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WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Full Match Card, Preview & Predictions

The 2019 edition of the Riyadh season culminates tonight in the form of the second Crown Jewel pay-per-view event. This will be the only global PPV hosted by the company this year.

In general, WWE gathers legends to host some historic matches in Saudi Arabia. That tradition changes as two mainstream names will be making their debut in the WWE replacing the legends in main-event matches. Spoilers from WWE Crown Jewel

Also, there will be a battle royale, tag team turmoil, first-ever Women’s division match in Saudi Arabia, Team Hogan vs. Team Flair and much more to make the card stacked than ever. WWE Network will broadcast the show from 9.30 PM onwards on IST that emanates from the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Sony Ten 1 and Sony Ten 3 are the will also broadcast the show from the above-mentioned time. There will be repeated telecasts on 12 & 7 PM, tomorrow.

Reason behind Team Hogan vs. Team Flair at Crown Jewel

Check out the match card of WWE Crown Jewel with potential outcomes,

9-team World Cup tag team turmoil match: The New Day vs. Heavy Machinery vs. The O.C. vs. The Viking Raiders vs. The Revival vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode vs. Lucha House Party vs. The B-Team vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

This is a showcase match to matchup the bigger feel of Crown Jewel. WWE usually tries to utilize as many superstars as possible on the card and thus this match has come by which may not have a fallout. However, the winners will get to call them the ‘best tag team of the world.’ We pick a heel team to win the bout so that they could brag about this in the upcoming weeks. The OCs are dominating the Raw roster with their heel antics and they are pretty favorite to win this thing. Or else, the current Raw tag team champions The Viking Raiders could also pick up the win.

20-man battle royale

A young superstar is likely to win this opener match of Crown Jewel to earn a title shot against AJ Styles for the US title. Aleister Black could have been a sure-shot winner since Raw executive director Paul Heyman is high on him. But in his absence, it should be someone among Humberto Carrillo, Andrade or Buddy Murphy to win the contest and get a chance to showcase his skills against AJ Styles.

United States Championship match: AJ Styles (c) vs. battle royale winner

The Phenomenal One has been putting up the worth watch matches on WWE Raw against youngsters. Ever since becoming the US Champion, the creative team used him effectively against young names and Crown Jewel won’t be any different. Any one of the above-mentioned names will take him to the limit before he capitalizes with the OCs standing in his corner. After the match, there may be a beatdown reserved for the challenger as this has become a regular norm for the OCs.

Cesaro vs. Mansoor

This matchup had to be announced just to make way for Mansoor on the Crown Jewel match card. Last time around, he won a huge battle royal in his home country of Saudi Arabia which resulted in nothing for him. In this match too, a veteran Cesaro will put over the young talent with a win so that Mansoor can enjoy the session. But we don’t expect him to get a push following this victory.

Natalya vs. Lacey Evans

WWE came up with a big headliner during the press conference for Crown Jewel, last night announcing the first-ever Women’s division matchup in the country. This was a way to garner some mainstream attention as they are up to making another history in the country which had restrictions for the female athletes. Apart from this, WWE Universe won’t be having any added reason to see this repetitive matchup from Monday Night Raw. WWE may decide to go with Natalya while deciding the winner.

Braun Strowman vs. Tyson Fury

A real attraction for the Crown Jewel match card is going to be the presence of Tyson Fury. WWE Universe will be waiting to see how the Heavyweight boxer fairs in his wrestling debut match. Despite what his performance would be, he will come out of the match with his hands raised. He is still undefeated inside the boxing ring and there’s no way that WWE will put an end to this. As for Strowman, it’s nothing new for him to put over other superstars digesting losses.

Team Hogan (Roman Reigns, Rusev, Ricochet, Shorty G and Ali) vs. Team Flair (Randy Orton, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Drew McIntyre)

Spoilers available regarding this matchup for Crown Jewel suggest that Team Hulk Hogan is the favorite to pick up the win. If Roman Reigns is set to get a big push in the upcoming months then he will pick up the win on behalf of his team. However, there is one Drew McIntyre in his opponent team who knows him better than anyone. If anybody can throw a real challenge in front of him, it’s the Scottish Psychopath. He is reportedly set for future championship shots on Raw, as well. So we pick McIntyre to pick up the win while representing Team Flair.

Universal Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

IWC will probably won’t be happy with this match, for the second time in a row. The Fiend has already been drafted to SmackDown which wipes out his chances of winning the WWE Championship, anyway. So the fans may keep showering Rollins with boos after he retains the title. It will be interesting to see how WWE protects Wyatt from getting pinfall loss or submission.

WWE Championship match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Cain Velasquez

The main event of Crown Jewel is going to be an unmissable affair between two of the former UFC Heavyweights. Prior to this, we have not seen any wrestling match between two MMA competitors. These two already have enough bad blood between them which will produce a physical matchup. In the end, it will be Lesnar standing tall to retain the WWE Championship using his veteran qualities inside the squared circle. But the rivalry is likely to restart around WrestleMania season, next year.

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Major Spoilers From 2019 WWE Crown Jewel PPV Event

Tonight marks the only global show for 2019 in WWE programming in the form of Crown Jewel. The King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is gearing up to present this show having an international flavor and a stacked card than ever. Unlike the earlier global shows hosted in Saudi Arabia, there won’t be legends performing on the show.

Why WWE brought Tyson Fury at Crown Jewel?

Major Spoilers From 2019 WWE Crown Jewel PPV Event 1
Main event match of Crown Jewel

But there will be a couple of mainstream sportspersons to make up their absence. In the main event match of Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar will be defending his WWE Championship against Cain Velasquez who is making his WWE debut.

5 names who won’t perform at Crown Jewel

As per the ongoing betting odds, Lesnar will retain his title with a fallout remaining for the future. Apparently, Velasquez will get another shot to the title, next year around WrestleMania.

Major Spoilers From 2019 WWE Crown Jewel PPV Event 2
Fury vs Strowman at Crown Jewel

In another marquee match of Crown Jewel, Tyson Fury competes against Braun Strowman. This match marks the debut of Fury, the Heavyweight Boxer in the WWE who will be getting a lucrative paycheck for his appearance.

We need to remember that Fury is still undefeated in the boxing ring and there’s no way that WWE will put an end to the streak. Hence, Strowman is bound to suffer yet another huge loss in his WWE career.

There will be an additional attraction in the form of Team Hulk Hogan vs. Team Ric Flair in a 5 on 5 tag team matchup at Crown Jewel. Both the legendary names will be standing in their team’s corner during this contest.

Spoilers suggest that Team Hogan is the favorite to get the win via the captain of the team Roman Reigns. He is likely to move to the main event picture, shortly. So this win could push him towards the title scenario.

In the largest tag team turmoil in WWE history at Crown Jewel, The Viking Raiders are the current favorites to win the matchup and earn the accolade of being the best tag team of the world. As informed by, the future plan is to “stack accolades” on the Viking Raiders to build them up as a force to reckon with in the tag team division,

“As of early this week, the plan was for the Viking Raiders to win the tag gauntlet at Crown Jewel to ‘stack accolades’ for them. We haven’t heard any updates on the plans for that match since then.”

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WWE News: Hulk Hogan Had Emergency Landing On Iceland, Brock Lesnar Helps

WWE is hosting the Crown Jewel show tomorrow night in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most of the roster members are currently heading to the country either alongside the crew or in their private jets to perform in one of the biggest shows of the year.

Legendary Hulk Hogan is one of them who has also boarded in a flight for the same purpose but got into serious trouble. The helping hand turned out to be none other than an old friend, Brock Lesnar.

The Rock confirms next appearance

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart were going together on their trip to Saudi Arabia, last night. They had a “hard landing in Iceland” on their private plane. It blew out the tires en route causing an emergency landing. Thankfully, everyone was okay as they safely reached the ground.

But the journey became difficult for them as they had to reach Saudi Arabia. The Hulkster then put out a video saying that he was using “a friend from Minnesota’s plane.”

Gepostet von Hulk Hogan am Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2019

Later reports claimed that Ric Flair was also with them while going to Saudi Arabia. After landing on Iceland, they needed another plane to get to the middle-east country. The mentioned ‘Minnesota’s Friend’ turned out to be none other than Brock Lesnar.

As reported by, it was Brock Lesnar who rescued Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, and Flair from that situation. He was flying to Saudi Arabia with his private crew instead of visiting with the other WWE crews. So the Hall of Famers had the opportunity to hop into Lesnar’s flight in order to attend the global show,

“ has learned that friend was actually Brock Lesnar as his plane to Saudi had stopped in Iceland as well, likely to refuel. So, Hogan, Flair and Hart jumped on Lesnar’s flight.”

Previously reported that Brock Lesnar was traveling with the WWE crew to Saudi Arabia. But that is not true with the updated news coming from PWInsider. Lesnar usually uses his own transportation for most of the shows he competes in.

This time around, his schedule turned out to be a benefit for Hulk Hogan and co. With Hulk Hogan, Flair, and Lesnar on the same flight, they probably had a blast. The good news is they have safely reached Saudi Arabia and will be attending the show.

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WWE News: Cain Velasquez Reveals Details Of His WWE Deal

Former UFC Heavyweight Cain Velasquez is making headlines in the WWE via his debut match that is getting the marquee spotlight. He will challenge none other than Brock Lesnar who is the biggest box office attraction out there. These two will be colliding at the main event of WWE Crown Jewel for the WWE Championship that is a match to watch out for in many ways.

At this point, Cain Velasquez is getting ready to become a pro-wrestler after signing a contract with WWE. Earlier reports claimed that he will be staying here for the upcoming years and that appears to be true as per the comments from the man himself.

Velasquez to perform at WWE SuperShow

Rey Mysterio and Cain Velasquez recently spoke with as the two were in New York City doing media appearances. They noted on different things including the WWE deal. Cain confirmed he is staying for multiple years,

“Yeah, I’ll be here for the next 3 years for sure. And as I get better and better as I’m going to keep doing this. I love it, so I’m going to keep doing it. Yep.”

Speaking of the main event match against Brock Lesnar, he mentioned that the beast has made it personal by attacking Rey and his son. So now it’s time to get some payback. He intends to beat the hell out of the WWE Champion. Triple H’s opinion on Velasquez’s WWE stint

“It’s personal, man. It’s personal,” Cain Velasquez declared. “Him going in, hurting Rey and then going in and to start hurting his son Dominick. Like, forget that man. I’m done with that. So this is personal. I’m going in there to beat his ass.”

Rey Mysterio also noted on his health saying that he felt great and had been on a roll until Lesnar put him on the shelf. He also mentioned how Lesnar was the one to take away his opportunity against WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Lesnar also crossed a boundary by hurting his son, and now Cain Velasquez is going to “whoop his ass” for payback.

The former MMA superstar then noted the amazing professionalisms shown by the WWE superstars ever since he arrived at the scene.

“Definitely a lot of respect,” Cain Velasquez said. “The guys at WWE, amazing professionals, amazing athletes. For me, I get to do a lot of stuff I have been doing my whole career, like collegiate wrestling, also the MMA. I still get to do a lot of the techniques I’ve done in MMA, so that’s good.”

At this point, he continues training under Rey Mysterio to get accustomed to the pro-wrestling skills before facing Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel.

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WWE News: Will Women Superstars Perform At Saudi Arabia Event Crown Jewel?

WWE officials hoped that they could convince Saudi Arabia sports authority to have female wrestlers compete at their shows. Earlier this year, they almost thought of making this one a reality where female pro-wrestlers would perform in front of live Saudi audiences for the very first time. It would have been a telecasted instance to set an example.

Undertaker not performing at Crown Jewel

This is why they flew Natalya and Alexa Bliss to Saudi Arabia in June during the WWE Super ShowDown 2019 PPV event. They have high hopes that they could organize a singles matchup with the lineup of Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss only if the Saudi officials have agreed. But that did not turn out to be the case as the authority took slow and steady principle, regarding this.

5 regular names who won’t be at Crown Jewel

WWE News: Will Women Superstars Perform At Saudi Arabia Event Crown Jewel? 3
Alexa Bliss & Natalya in Saudi Arabia

Going into the next Saudi Arabia show named Crown Jewel, there were similar hopes from the fans regarding the female superstars. They were hoping to see at least a match on the PPV card. But chances are pretty less to see the same, at this point.

A fan recently asked Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer if there’s any change in stance from the Saudi Arabia officials regarding the women’s superstars. As per the update given by the veteran wrestling journalist, it looks like there’s not going to be any change anytime soon. Here’s the negative update on this,

“Unless something changes, there are no women’s matches scheduled. It came down to the wire last time and they were told no at the end, after bringing Nattie and Alexa to Saudi Arabia.”

It does not come as a surprise as WWE has not built any storyline featuring the women superstars which could come to a culmination point. So there’s not going to be any changes in Crown Jewel in comparison to Super ShowDown. The overall fourth global show in Saudi Arabia will stay as another all-men PPV event. Brad Shepard recently noted that women will have to wait until next year to get a slot on Saudi Arabia shows,

“According to a source in WWE, the General Sports Authority (GSA) and WWE have reached a deal on women’s matches for future events in Saudi Arabia in 2020.

I’m told the deal was overseen by Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud himself.”

As for now, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley has turned heel and receive a new opponent in Nikki Cross. These two will square off in a match for the title which is yet to be declared. Meanwhile, they are likely to build up a rivalry. On the other hand, WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch is yet to receive an opponent over her title ever since Hell in a Cell PPV is over. Sasha Banks has moved to Friday nights leaving the number one contender’s spot empty.

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