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WWE started the Women’s Evolution in the presence of Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks on the main roster. After they conquered the NXT scene alongside Bayley, WWE was able to tout them as the Four-Horsewomen who took the charges to change the course for the-then Women’s division.

There was a time when the WWE Women’s Division was incomplete without the presence of Sasha Banks. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she was happy with her time and schedule in the company. She definitely needed more time with her family as well as in outside projects which the grueling WWE schedule was unable to provide. This is one of the significant reasons why she finally decided to walk out of the company when Vince McMahon was still in control of the creative team.

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Since then, Sasha Banks has been using the name of Mercedes Mone and she has found some success in Japan by becoming a one-time IWGP Women’s Champion in the early part of 2024. Speaking with The Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast, Mone has now decided to look back on her former moniker in the WWE and heaped praise on it,

“A legend. An icon. A powerhouse. Someone who stands up for what she believes in. Is a legit boss — she got that trademark for a good reason. She played that role good, I played that role really good. She’s a legit boss inside and outside of that ring, and will lay it all out there on the line.”

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Sasha Banks was able to create an unforgettable character in WWE

Looking back at her career in the WWE, Mone appeared to be a little bit nostalgic for a moment, but she created an unforgettable character. At the same time, she seemed to be motivated enough to produce more magic in the ring with her new gimmick,

“She has a heart full of gold and, you know, Sasha Banks … What a career … Oh, my God, what an amazing career. But, the thing about that, it makes me even more excited to see what Mercedes Mone can do.”

For multiple months, there have been speculations that Sasha Banks would be returning to the WWE possibly by the time of Royal Rumble 2024 in January. But her next move would essentially be an AEW debut, especially after she was in attendance at last year’s All In London. According to ongoing updates, Mone is patiently waiting to be making her AEW debut at this week’s “Big Business” special episode of Dynamite.


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