AEW Double or Nothing 2024
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We haven’t seen MJF since last December’s Worlds End but at last night’s AEW Double or Nothing 2024 PPV he made a shocking return to television. The former AEW World Champion showed up to renew his feud with Adam Cole. Plus, the appearance also affirmed that he isn’t leaving the company for WWE or NJPW.

Adam Cole came out to cut a promo at AEW Double or Nothing 2024 but he was cut short with a video on the tron highlighting MJF’s return. Soon after the video was over, MJF’s music played at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas as he came out wearing a leather jacket much similar to Triple H in the past.

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MJF cut a scathing promo at AEW Double or Nothing 2024

MJF came out to the ring and Cole asked him for a hug. MJF gave him one but then went straight below the belt before hitting a brainbuster on Cole. The security then took Cole out of the ring as MJF offered a promo at AEW Double or Nothing 2024. He remembered who he was and that’s a generational talent. MJF then also name-dropped former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in the below statements,

“Unlike those schmucks in the back, I don’t need a New Japan or Vince McMahon to make me a star, MJF made MJF. No more ha-ha, no more kangaroo kicks, no more bullsh*t, it’s all about hate, hate, hate. When you’re driven by hate, no one is safe.”

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MJF also brought The Devil’s Mask to rip it apart. He gave the mask an Elbow Drop in Ric Flair style, spit in it, and threw it away. The one in AEW’s Four Pillar also gave updates on his AEW contract status by showing a tattoo on his leg with an AEW logo that said: “Bet On Yourself”. He ended this AEW Double or Nothing 2024 promo by saying, “I’m not f**king leaving.”

This appearance at AEW Double or Nothing 2024 was the first face-to-face confrontation between MJF and Cole since Cole turned on MJF at Worlds End and unveiled himself to be The Devil who was torturing him for weeks. This attack was a way to write MJF off the scene as he needed to heal a dislocated hip and torn labrum.

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