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Saraya is hailed as a pioneer figure in the world of women’s professional wrestling. The fact that she’s not being showcased on AEW programming these days, has affected her global fanbase but that didn’t necessarily change her booking. But despite the shortcomings, she has always ensured that fans take notice of her by any means possible.

A day ago, it was reported that Saraya is set to make an appearance on the MTV series ‘Catfish’ and now her role in the show has been revealed. According to the reports of Fightful Select, the episode doesn’t center around the AEW star power, and she is just slated to be a co-host on that show.

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Filming for the episode has begun this week and was expected to conclude on May 15th. This scheduling conflict has unfortunately caused Saraya to miss the Seattle AEW Dynamite tapings. She was supposed to join Outcasts partner Harley Cameron on the show as she was taking on the AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm. But a solo Cameron ultimately digested a loss.

While Saraya won’t be getting the focus on Catfish episode, we can only assume that her appearance would add an exciting element to the popular MTV series. This particular episode shouldn’t only revolve around the typical “catfishing” scenario but rather explore other aspects of online identity deception. Once the filming is done, she’s expected to be back on AEW programming, next week.

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Saraya continues to endorse for women’s wrestling in AEW

Saraya remains one of the most colorful characters in the history of professional wrestling who continues her career in AEW. Long ago, many thought that she was done with pro wrestling after getting diagnosed with a career-threatening neck injury. But, she ultimately overcame the odds and made a triumphant comeback to set an example for her followers.

During a previous interview with KTAR News, Saraya praised the progress that AEW has made regarding its women’s division in recent years. The former AEW Women’s Champion also insisted that the tag team titles should be brought into the AEW roster,

“AEW’s doing really well putting multiple female matches on the shows. I feel like we can keep doing that and I feel like we can start building the division even bigger – introduce female tag team championships.”

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