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Without a doubt, Renee Paquette, WWE’s first-ever full-time female announcer in WWE’s history received a lot of respect from the officials as well as the fans. But then her husband, Dean Ambrose left the company and went on to join AEW in 2019 to change the situation. WWE eventually offered her a different position by getting a move to WWE Backstage on FS1.

But as admitted in the past interviews, Renee Paquette was pressurized with Moxley’s WWE departure to some extent. While her husband’s exit from the WWE appeared to be somewhat of a blessing for her on commentary and made her job easier, she couldn’t resist the outside call that was waiting. Eventually, it took her a year to leave the company.

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Now, both Renee Paquette and Jon Moxley belong to the All Elite Wrestling roster and fans are aware of their relationship which was previously acknowledged on WWE TV and also through the Total Divas reality TV series. As a result, their marital aspect gets inserted into storylines, such as Moxley’s feud with “Hangman” Adam Page or the AEW Continental Crown Champion Eddie Kingston.

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Renee Paquette doesn’t want to involve a personal equation with Jon Moxley in storylines

In an interview with POST Wrestling, Renee Paquette was asked whether as a backstage interviewer, her approach with Moxley and his rivals changes from the usual way she treats her other colleagues in AEW. The former WWE personality was quick to mention that heat often comes her way due to these feuds and she opts to get rid of all the troubles, showing no personal hatred.

“I’ve had moments with ‘Hangman,’ where ‘Hangman’ was doing a program with Jon, when I had to do some stuff with him on camera, and he’s, you know, mentioning Jon or throwing a dagger my way. He did it not even that long ago, when we were doing a contract signing between him and Swerve when he kind of still threw something my way. I’m like ‘Buddy, this is not my problem! You guys worry about your s**t, I’ll do my thing.’” Renee Paquette continued.

“Even if I acknowledge something, I still go ‘I’m a doing a job. I’m being a journalist here. I’m not going to oversell something or overstate something to go ‘Who’s talking about my husband? How dare he!'”

After parting ways with the WWE in the summer of 2022, Renee Paquette stayed away from wrestling for more than two years as she became a mother of baby Nora with Mox. It was in September 2022 that she debuted in All Elite Wrestling in her hometown of Toronto to become a regular attendee of Dynamite and Collision tapings.

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