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Alexa Bliss Net Worth and Salary 

Alexa Bliss Net Worth and Salary
Alexa Bliss - courtesy Twitter

Alexa Bliss Net Worth and Salary ∼ We certainly don’t complain to get ‘bliss’-ed on each of the episodes of WWE Raw. Alexa Bliss has certainly become one of the biggest reasons (if not the biggest) to watch the flagship show for most the WWE Universe members. Despite her heel persona, fans can’t get enough of her on TV. Within just less than three years of her main roster stint, she has been able to establish herself as the top-most female performer on Monday Night Raw with undeniably good work ethics.

The company also awarded her with several championship reigns that shattered records alongside the must-see reality TV series. No wonder Alexa Bliss net worth reached more than a decent state in the minimum amount of time. Most of the WWE female superstars could barely imagine achieving all of these within just three years of timespan. For example, Bella Twins had to work eight years to get the same that Alexa Bliss salary is today.

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This points out how fast this lady has cemented her spot on the roster as The Goddess of the division. There was a time when Charlotte Flair started the women’s revolution in 2016. She carried it forward with a stretched program with Sasha Banks. Alexa Bliss arrived on WWE Raw to overshadow each one of the superstars. In fact, she won the women’s championship within just three weeks of time which might be a record.

Well, she possesses multiple such accolades as we’d like to look back some of those before proceeding to Alexa Bliss net worth. Early happening in her career will let you understand how much she had to struggle to get to this spot. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio Alexis Kaufman born on August 9th, 1991. His parents Angela Kaufman and Bob Kaufman are pure Americans. She is Lio who had an immense passion for sports.

The 5 feet 2 inch got involved in a number of sports like softball, track, kickboxing, gymnastics, and cheerleading. She managed to reach Division I in the latter mentioned activity during her college at the University of Akron. Later, she participated in a bodybuilding competition and ended up competing in Arnold Classic. It took a lot of guts to get into this competition as she suffered from the life-threatening eating disorder.

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We have come to know about this travesty of her life from past interviews. She spent several days in hospital bed reaching a stage where her body literally lost all the flesh and became just a skeleton. Gutsy performances took Alexa Bliss net worth to what it is today. Added to that, she did not have any wrestling background which made her job even tougher in a time when Women’s Revolution was going on in full force.

Alexa Bliss salary got an initial push as she signed a contract with the WWE in 2013. The company sent her straight to the developmental territory NXT. Later in July, she made her debut on NXT TV congratulating the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion Paige. inserted her into the active roster of NXT with the in-ring name of Alexa Bliss. She acted first as an unnamed ring announcer for a November episode of NXT in that year. Later she appeared in Wrestlemania 30 as part of Triple H’s entrance. The initial ‘glittering fairy’ gimmick failed to impress the fans to any such extent leading to a new one.

Only significant feud for Alexa Bliss at NXT was against Bayley over the women’s title. Being unsuccessful in capturing it, she made her presence felt on Smackdown Live. Her debut in 2016 on the main roster witnessed the birth of new superstar on the show. Within months of time, she was able to become the prime heel of the blue brand. Alexa Bliss salary was just around $70000 only at this point.

But that undoubtedly increased as she entered into a championship feud against the inaugural champion of Smackdown, Becky Lynch. Such was her appeal that even the strong champion digested a clean loss at 2016 TLC PPV. The ‘five-feet of fury’ won her first title in the WWE on that night that marked only the beginning of her illustrious career that saw many more as follow-ups.

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In 2017, she walked into Wrestlemania as the Smackdown women’s champion which definitely increased Alexa Bliss salary. A week later, she arrived on Monday Night Raw to make the show all about herself. Starting from Payback 2017 PPV, the title belonged to her for almost 80 percent of the times until Ronda Rousey won it at this year’s Summerslam. She won the WWE Raw women’s title on four occasions taking her combined title reigns to six to date.

When a superstar stays champion for this much longer time-span, she is always under the spotlight which automatically gives a hike to payment. Initially, Alexa Bliss net worth used to be around $500000 while she entered the company. According to, Alexa Bliss net worth jas now reached to $350000, per annum. This is just the basic paycheck given to her which excludes the additional royalty revenues generated from merchandise selling.

She is one of the biggest merch sellers in the company amongst all the present names. The bonus amounts from these would definitely take Alexa Bliss salary $500000. Furthermore, the source also reported that Alexa Bliss net worth has reached around $2.3 million. It has grown almost four times in compared to what it was, two years ago. Being the cornerstone of the current women’s division can increase her worth even more in the next few years.

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Little Miss Bliss has earned a few unbelievable records thus far. She is the only one to enter Wrestlemania on two consecutive occasions with the championship in hand. This happened courtesy of another accolade which was holding the Raw and Smackdown women’s championship, consecutively as the first women superstar. Furthermore, her combined reign as WWE Raw women’s champion is way longer than anybody on the female roster.

This is why Alexa Bliss salary is the third highest in the WWE roster. Ronda Rousey gets a whopping amount of $1 million, per year. Charlotte stands in the second spot getting half the amount than Rousey. The Goddess stands third with Nikki Bella, currently. WWE pays both of them the same amount as stated above. Meanwhile, there are conflict reports that Alexa Bliss salary might be around $300000. But her gross pay easily crosses the half-million boundary.

Apart from WWE paychecks, Total Divas boosted up Alexa Bliss net worth to a big extent. She featured in the reality TV series for only one occasion which confirmed the relationship with Cruiserweight superstar, Buddy Murphey. The duo is in a relationship from 2012 and exchanged engagement ring three years later.

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Rumors were that Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman might be dating in recent times. But that is just an on-screen thing for WWE Mixed Match Challenge. We can’t blame the Monster among Men who want to get hooked up with such a gorgeous lady.

The beauty has an immense fan following on social media. It has been increasing after Alexa Bliss underwent a breast enhancement surgery, earlier this year. With that being said, Alexa Bliss net worth will continue to grow from here onwards as she has transformed herself no less than a mainstream celebrity.

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