WWE's The Man Becky Lynch Gives Exclusive Interview To The Bella Twins

WWE’s The Man Becky Lynch Reveals Pregnancy Details To The Bella Twins

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Becky Lynch revealed earlier this year that she is pregnant and needed to go to a hiatus from the WWE. She relinquished her WWE Raw Women’s Championship to Asuka before leaving and she seems to be quite happy to be in the ring.

Being a wrestler or rather a top superstar of the roster, she does miss her time being in the ring. Recently she spoke with The Bella Twins who are also pregnant at the same time.

The former champions in the WWE shared their experiences to be pregnant while speaking to the Bella Twins YouTube channel. Becky Lynch stated she felt sick and nauseous during her first trimester.

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She was able to work out with her baby in the belly but she’s still going to the gym. However she “can’t push anymore” with her workout. “You don’t know what’s going on so you worry about everything,” she said.

Apparently, Becky Lynch might have been “overly cautious about everything” as she’s expecting her first baby. Becky Lynch continued saying that she lost weight during her first trimester, but she didn’t intake too much food. She was rather happy to have a chance to get some extra sleep after the hectic road experience with the WWE for the past few years.

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Bella Twins asked her about what she was thinking while discovering her pregnancy for the first time. Becky Lynch shared a very candid reply with them,

“I knew I wanted to have a baby before I was 35 and then I met Colby [Seth Rollins] and I was like, well this is perfect, this is my person. So this was always the plan. Originally I was like ‘I’ll wait until I’m done wrestling and then I’ll have a family.’ Then I was like, ‘wait, why do I have to do that? Guys don’t have to do that. Hell, I’ll just do it whenever the time feels right.’” (courtesy ringsidenews.com)


“So we started trying and I just thought it would take a long time, and it didn’t. It happened immediately. We were super lucky. So it happened before it was expected and I was still champ at the time. When we came back from WrestleMania I was feeling sick already and this was too early to take the test and then I got the early response ones which are the ones with the lines.


I took one and Colby didn’t even know I took it and one line popped up real quick, but I didn’t even read the instructions so I was like, ‘oh negative line I’m so not pregnant’ and I threw it into the bin and then he came back from the gym that night and I took it out and I was like, ‘wait, hang on there’s a second line here.’”

WWE's The Man Becky Lynch Reveals Pregnancy Details To The Bella Twins 2

The Man and her man then got some Google searches done on how to read confirmed results and realized that they needed another round of tests. They went for a digital test as they’re not sure with the second try, as well. The confirmation popped up on the digital screen the third time and thus Becky Lynch got to be sure that she was going to be a mom.


As reported previously, Becky Lynch hinted that she plans on getting back to the ring as soon as she delivers the baby. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of schedule WWE provides for The Mom when she returns, eventually. WWE will surely want to make more use of the star power of the longest-reigning WWE Raw Women’s Champion.