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Becky Lynch was one of the marquee named to have performed at Wrestlemania 40, last weekend which also became the biggest of the genre. Against Rhea Ripley, the veteran ended up delivering one of the most captivating performances of her career on Night One of the show. But eventually, her determination and resilience came up short against the dominant champion that Rhea Ripley was.

Very few know that Becky Lynch was also under the weather but she fought hard to compete in the match. Following the loss at Wrestlemania 40, various reports suggested she would be taking time off and now it was time for her to address such rumors and clarify that she is coming back sooner than expected. It appears that WWE will have the Irish star on the card of the upcoming tour’s card.

According to the recent reports of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was noted that Becky Lynch’s husband, Seth Rollins, would be taking some time off, though this break is not expected to be lengthy. Meltzer also noted that the female star is also believed to be going on hiatus for an indefinite period. But now it appears that the couple could be back on board after a short timespan.

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Becky Lynch clarified any concerns about time-off from WWE programming

Interestingly enough, Becky Lynch took to Twitter and commented on her upcoming appearance in the United Kingdom. After the WWE UK Twitter account promoted her appearance, she addressed Meltzer’s reports and made it clear that no such time-off was on her card, at least for the long term,

”But the internet said I was taking time off. See you soon, Europe.”

Despite Becky Lynch’s valiant effort at WrestleMania 40, she was unable to dethrone Rhea Ripley and become a seven-time women’s champion in the WWE. Ripley secured her victory by delivering a powerful Riptide on her, pinning her shoulders to the mat for a clean three count which further delivered Ripley one of the biggest wins of her career.

With this win, the thought was that Ripley would extend her title reign further. But on this week’s Raw, she had to vacate the title due to a legit injury.

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