Becky Lynch Teases Appearance At WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night Two
Becky Lynch
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Becky Lynch Teases Appearance At WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night Two

Becky Lynch kept the fans speculating about her status via a post before Night One of Wrestlemania 37. Despite the rumors and some spoilers, she wasn’t in attendance at the show that went down from the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. But this isn’t stopping her from teasing another appearance on the due night, tomorrow.

Becky Lynch didn’t return at WrestleMania Night One diminishing the hopes of her fans but there’s always night two. She tweeted out a tease with a bunch of random words with the initials spelling out “Night One.” Now, she did the same after the night was over, with the first letters of each word spelling out Night Two. The words are given below,

What’s next

Just kidding! Congratulations @SashaBanksWWE and @BiancaBelairWWE. Way to make history.”

Becky Lynch Teases Appearance At WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night Two 1

As seen in the comments, we’re not sure whether Becky Lynch was legit or not as she said “just kidding!” She also congratulated Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair on a show-stealing and historic main event match at Wrestlemania.

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WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan this past week in an interview that Becky Lynch will be “coming back at a certain point in time in the not too distant future.” The WWE Raw roster member had to vacate her Women’s Title, last May as she became pregnant. Then, she and Seth Rollins welcomed their daughter, a baby girl named Roux, last December. Since then rumors are running rampant about her comeback to WWE around Wrestlemania 37.

Seth Rollins didn’t want to give spoiler on Becky Lynch’s return

Yesterday, WWE Now India posted an interview with Rollins and he was asked about the impending return on her fiancée. After getting inquired of whether he could divulge any additional information about Lynch’s return, Rollins didn’t want to give any hint but used the ‘sooner than later’ term (h/t ITNWWE for the transcription)

“I can’t say when obviously, I can’t divulge my wife’s secrets,” Rollins said. “That’s bad for me. I gotta be home with her every day, so I wouldn’t wanna upset her. But now, she’s doing great. Obviously, four months postpartum and she’s making incredible strides in her recovery.

And I suggest you’ll have some sorta update from her sooner than later about when she may return. But she may not. She just surprises. Because she’s full of surprises. So, who knows? But either way, she’s doing great She’s healthy, baby’s healthy. She will be back sooner or later.”

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On Wrestlemania 37 Night Two, Rhea Ripley is slated to challenge Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. We will see if Becky Lynch comes out to claim the gold that she never lost by confronting whoever wins the gold in that big match.