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Carmella hasn’t been seen on WWE television for more than a year as she was preparing for her pregnancy period. Now that the birth of her child has happened, she needs more time off to raise him. Being a busy woman who’s happy with parenting, she’s not yet ready to be back in the squared circle.

In the meantime, Carmella has taken on a new venture, preparing to launch her own business in just a couple of days. Taking to her Instagram account, she uploaded a short video, revealing that she will be launching her own business soon. This project is named Snatchforher, which focuses on women’s physical and mental health,

“POV: your business launches in 5 days ⏳ who’s following along with us? @snatchforher’”

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For those who don’t know, Carmella and Corey Graves welcomed their newborn son, Dimitri Paul Polinsky into the world on November 8 following a labor that lasted for 60 hours. Since then, the WWE Superstar has been keeping fans updated on her journey through motherhood using social media. But when it comes to her WWE career, she’s uncertain about making a return.

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Carmella uncertain about her in-ring return to the WWE

Carmella suffered a major foot problem during her 60 hours of labor from which she is still recovering. A fan took to Twitter and asked her about a possible timeline for the comeback come back and the delay was blamed on the injured foot,

“Girllll… once my foot heals and I can get back in the gym it’s over for these girlies.”

Carmella was then separately asked about the timetable for her in-ring return and she was unsure about that as she currently remains in physical therapy,

”Honestly I wish I knew. Currently in physical therapy.”

Carmella was booked to appear during the Wrestlemania XL festivities in Philadelphia for a one-off occasion as WWE had nothing planned for her on the main show. Before going into the hiatus, she was used to unveil the set of Wrestlemania 39 where she was supposed to perform before getting pulled due to pregnancy. She is a former Smackdown Women’s Champion from 2018 which remains her best accolade, to date.

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