Charlotte Flair Blasts WWE Fans Who Think She Is Entitled

Charlotte Flair Blasts WWE Fans Who Think She Is Entitled

Charlotte Flair
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Charlotte Flair has returned at TLC 2020 and WWE made her one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions alongside the Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. It seems the latter one could have been affected by the coronavirus as she has moved on to a different angle. Currently, she is engaged in a feud with Lacey Evans that also features Ric Flair.

It’s a fact that Charlotte Flair always has to carry a natural heat by her side due to her accomplishments. Several fans have always been criticizing the way she has been booked by WWE over the past few years. They do believe that she is privileged than the other roster members. Now she has decided to fire back using her social media handles.

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Charlotte Flair Blasts WWE Fans Who Think She Is Entitled 1

Charlotte Flair recently commented on an article on Twitter that dealt with heat from fans due to WWE booking her in such a strong manner. Visibly, she went into a full-fledged rant. The Queen could have just scrolled by but then she decided to throw some words to her haters as she wanted to educate those who are talking against her.

“I should just scroll block this garbage, but words matter, so I will take a few moments to educate you since both a human and I would assume an editor allowed this bullshit to sully Al Gore’s internet.”

Charlotte Flair Blasts WWE Fans For Hating Her

Charlotte Flair added that she never found an article on a male pro wrestler who got bashed for taking time off and then immediately get back to the title pictures following his return.

“I keep looking for the article where you trash one of the male champions for taking time off and being inserted back into the title picture. Didn’t find one. Shocking.”

Moving on, Charlotte Flair mentioned how she had only taken three time-offs during her time on the main roster. The first time was when her father Ric Flair was sick in 2017. The second time was when she was nagging an injury that kept her out for six weeks. The third time was her latest hiatus in 2020 that was due to her breast implant surgery where the implants were removed.

“I have taken time off three times while on the main roster. First time was when my dad was sick. Second time was a 6 week injury that was followed up by 18 months of staring at lights to help create a star. 3rd time is now. What exactly is it that I’m avoiding?”

Charlotte Flair Blasts WWE Fans Who Think She Is Entitled 2

The ten-time Women’s Champion then ended by saying that she is meant to be in the title picture just because she has excelled at this thing. This is something that those haters will never understand.

“I am in the title picture, and I will always be in the title picture. It’s one of those unfortunate side effects of excelling at something; you wouldn’t understand.”

Charlotte Flair’s current title reign is not coming to an end, soon as there are no viable challengers can be found. Even if that’s over, WWE must be willing her to put back into the singles title picture. A match with her tag partner is evident to happen, down the road. Before moving into her latest hiatus, she had secured a non-title win over Asuka, anyway.