Charlotte Flair Has High Praises For WWE NXT And Asuka

Charlotte Flair Has High Praises For WWE NXT And Asuka

Charlotte Flair
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Charlotte Flair is one of the best mainstay nurturing from WWE NXT product, over the past few years. There’s no doubt about the benchmark performer would have so much respect for the brand and the innovator, itself. Triple H is the brainchild of NXT who has worked hard to make it a brand that can be considered as the third one in WWE.

The Game recently stated that the NXT Women’s division is the best in the entire world and Charlotte Flair couldn’t agree more with him. The one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions recently spoke to Morales Torres of Lucha Libre Online, where she was asked to note on Triple H’s bold claim about the NXT Women’s division.

Charlotte Flair Has High Praises For WWE NXT And Asuka 1

Charlotte Flair positively nodded saying that she fully supports what Triple H said. Furthermore, she said that The Game has every right to say this as Triple H is a very proud father of NXT. Moving one step further, The Queen added that all three women’s divisions in WWE can be called the best.

“I think Triple H has every right to say that. I mean he is I want to say such a proud papa (dad) of the NXT brand. Because that’s kind of how we labeled him as well when we were there. I think whatever division you are in, as a talent, or say in a role like Triple H over the division, you should say you’re the best if you don’t say you’re the best and you don’t believe you’re in the best you’re in the wrong industry. He should say they’re the best on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to say that the RAW division is the best or Sasha’s going to say the SmackDown division is the best. You should feel that way.”

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Charlotte Flair mentions Asuka as the centerpiece of Raw

Charlotte Flair is currently engaged in a feud with Lacey Evans who is building a romantic relationship with father Ric Flair on Monday Night RAW. At the same time, she has built a strong relationship with Asuka as tag partners. The two previously used to be rivals in the WWE.

For those who don’t remember, Charlotte Flair was the one who defeated Asuka for the first time ever in the WWE on the main roster back at WrestleMania 34 in a match that stole the show. In late 2020, Flair returned at WWE TLC last year to team up with Asuka, and together, the two won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles from Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

Charlotte Flair Has High Praises For WWE NXT And Asuka 2

While speaking to WWE’s The Bump, the ten-time Women’s Champion talked about her return at WWE TLC. She then went on to discuss Asuka and her role in the WWE. The second-generation athlete noted how the Empress of Tomorrow has become the centerpiece of Monday Night RAW as she worked hard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic while carrying the load.

“Seeing the rivalry with Asuka come full circle, that’s what made it special. Not necessarily winning the titles, obviously, that was a bonus, but I wore the gold when I faced her at WrestleMania 34 as a nod to her. I wore the same boots, I just added the white robe, but with the gold accent. To go from her being my mountain to standing beside her, you just never know where your career is going to take you, so that was pretty cool. Being out there with her and truly watching her through the COVID era, being the centerpiece of RAW and holding it together and just working her butt off, I was just proud to be there with her,” Charlotte Flair elaborated.