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Chelsea Green had a lot of dreams with her professional wrestling career, especially in the WWE which was never met during her first stint. But thankfully, she was hired by the current WWE CCO Triple H after he took things over in the creative of the company. Since then, the returnee has been enjoying a great time on WWE TV having secured regular appearances.

It’s safe to say that Chelsea Green has never been in a better position in her career than the past few months she spent in the WWE. She’s not only a tag team champion but also the one who showed efforts to essentially indicate that the title mean something to her as well as the company. She had some bigger goals in mind given that Royal Rumble was coming to her city.

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Chelsea Green’s husband carried a women’s tag team title replica

The bombshell failed to win The Rumble match but she did win the gold sometime ago. On the July 17, 2023, episode of WWE Raw, Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville secured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Soon after, Green’s husband, Matt Cardona, began carrying a replica of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, mostly during his matches in Japan for DDT, and claimed that he was one of the champions.

WWE has its boundaries and they don’t like to showcase their particular properties around the indie scenes. While speaking in the conversation with Joe Vulpis on The Lightweights Podcast, Chelsea Green was asked to reflect on the situation and mentioned that she had no idea that Cordona was going to do that in the indie circuit. That move also worried her about facing consequences from the company,

“Thank god they did not believe it. But I was worried. I was worried, I’m not gonna lie, because he does stuff like that. He does crazy things. He makes videos out of all my wrestling stuff. I am the butt of all his jokes [laughs]. So I really thought that WWE was gonna get mad at me, and I was gonna have to prove, like, ‘Here I am, this is the belt. He’s got a different one.’”

WWE didn’t fire back at her but rather kept faith in her. For almost the entire part of the latter phase of 2023, Chelsea Green carried the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles with two separate partners. Efforts were noticed from her side to make the titles look prestigious which was otherwise dubbed as cursed titles for so many reasons. She partially became successful in the attempt after getting back-up from the WWE creative.

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