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CM Punk’s WWE return was under speculation ever since he was released by All Elite Wrestling, this summer. Most of the wrestling sources opined that WWE won’t take the risk of bringing him back as this might not have any additional impact on TV. But the otherwise has been felt since his comeback at Survivor Series and his being on the red brand might also play a big role in WWE Raw’s next television deal which is yet to be announced.

While most of the fans and WWE stars in the locker room are happy to have welcomed back CM Punk in a new role in the company, Seth Rollins is the one guy who expressed his disappointment over WWE hiring back the former Straight Edge Leader. An official feud between the two is also looming upon us WWE kick-starts Wrestlemania season.

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CM Punk commented on Seth Rollins during WWE 2024 preview special

During WWE’s 2024 Preview Special that aired last night on Peacock, CM Punk was asked to opine about Seth Rollins, and he was quite honest about expressing his beef with the Monday Night Messiah. He made it clear that it was his path that Seth Rollins is now walking on to find success in his career,

“I’m in a position where I feel strange vocalizing it, but Seth is a guy, at least I felt ten years ago that he’s a dude that I don’t think he would have gotten the opportunities he’s gotten if it wasn’t for me, you know. That might hurt some people’s feelings, but facts are facts, they don’t care about your feelings.”

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Proceeding in the conversation, CM Punk stated that he doesn’t care about Rollins’ true feelings about his return to the business. If Seth Rollins is WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he dares to stand in his way, then they will eventually meet in the ring to sort things out.

As of this writing, CM Punk will be seen in competition inside a WWE ring at this year’s Royal Rumble after ten long years. This will also essentially take him through the Road to Wrestlemania 40 where a big match will be in store. According to, the current favorite to face the Second City Savior at WWE WrestleMania 40 is Seth Rollins, with odds of +200.

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