WWE WrestleMania XL
WWE WrestleMania XL. Image Credits: Twitter

The main event of WrestleMania 40 Sunday headlined by Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns has been helmed to be one of the best main events in the history of the WWE premium live event. A great story-telling unfolded in the ring with the Undisputed WWE Championship being defended in The ‘Bloodline Rules’ match where the two bitter rivals fought tooth and nail over the most prestigious award in sports entertainment.

In the end, Cody Rhodes pinned Roman Reigns and became the new WWE Champion to finish his story. Once the show was over, the post-Wrestlemania press conference was hosted and the brand-new champion received a special gift from the WWE brass.

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Cody Rhodes revealed at the night two press conference that Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Nick Khan, and Bruce Prichard gifted him a gold Rolex following the event. It’s the “same watch” that his late father Dusty Rhodes once pawned so his son could attend acting school,

“Something that I wanted to share – I came to the back, and Bruce Prichard and Triple H and Nick Khan handed me this, which is the same watch that my dad had that he pawned so that I could go to acting school. So the level of investment and responsibility that the company just put in my hands, I hope I can pay it back, pay it forward a hundred times over.”

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Backstory shared behind Cody Rhodes receiving his father’s watch

Triple H stated at the press conference that it was Nick Khan’s idea to get Cody Rhodes the watch. Prichard further took the initiative that the second-generation star receive the same watch that his father once used to possess,

“We just wanted to give him, I don’t know, something that in some way commemorated his dad being here when this happened, because he was.”

In a eulogy following Dusty’s death in 2015, Cody Rhodes said his father wanted to have him the watch if he ever won the World title. He was unaware of the watch being sold until that year.

The American Nightmare will mark the beginning of a new era in the WWE from tonight’s Raw onward after putting an end to Reigns’ 1,316-day run as champion.

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