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In the main event of Backlash 2024 premium live event, Cody Rhodes defeated AJ Styles to retain the Undisputed WWE Championship. This outcome was predicted by several sources as in long-time WWE has no plans to take the title away from the new poster figure of the company until Roman Reigns of The Rock returns to the scene.

For the time being, WWE will have to offer new challengers to Cody Rhodes from the active roster and that could include a legendary name who has a ton of history with him. In the post-show conference, The American Nightmare teased feuding with none other than Randy Orton.

“One of the gentlemen who was in the ring with me, was a huge part of me even being here today. There’s multiple who were part of me being here today but somebody who legitimately took me under his wing, put me in his faction and again, you kinda want to find out,” Cody Rhodes stated about his probable feud with Randy Orton.

“I know 10 years ago Randy Orton could wipe the floor with me but I wonder what it looks like today. Feels like it’s a first time ever today and I mean that with the utmost respect to somebody who got me to where I am today.” (quotes courtesy WWFOldSchool)

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Cody Rhodes not dropping the title until Roman Reigns or The Rock returns

A previous report from Wrestling Observer affirmed that we shouldn’t expect Cody Rhodes to drop the WWE Title until The Rock or Roman Reigns returns and that Randy Orton is another big star power present on Smackdown to challenge Rhodes for the Title if he’s considered after WWE Backlash 2024,

“Rhodes has no real big-time direction until Rock and Roman Reigns are back in the picture. The other biggest star on the brand is Randy Orton, but they’re doing nothing to tease anything in that direction.”

In the main event of Night One of Wrestlemania XL, Roman Reigns joined forces with The Rock to take on the prime babyface duo of Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for a win. However, Rhodes then defeated Reigns the next night to steal the WWE Title to become the new poster figure of the company.

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