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After waiting for nearly two decades, Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes has finished his story, and he now has a new mission in his sights. After officially becoming the new face of the company, it’s his target to acquire more profit for the TKO-owned brand.

Cody Rhodes recently appeared on the Cheap Heat podcast and told the hosts Peter Rosenberg and Stat Guy Greg that he hopes to shatter the records of the former franchise players of the WWE, such as Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, and Roman Reigns to become the undisputed box office king of the company.

“I would like to be the most profitable talent that WWE has ever had. And I know who hangs in that group. You know, your Austin 316s, your Hustle Loyalty, Respect, your John Cena’s. I know what I have been doing, and I know the link that I have to keep doing this for this goal to become a reality,” Cody Rhodes affirmed his wish.

“So that one, it’s a little inside baseball, and it’s not all that glamorous, but I really, even today, feel a sense of I would like to give WWE everything I possibly have.”

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Cody Rhodes wants to eclipse Roman Reigns in the marketing aspect

Addressing what Roman Reigns has done for the WWE in the past few years, getting on the top of every aspect possible, Cody Rhodes has revealed he has similar plans where he wants to completely eclipse the Head of the Table. After all, he’s the one to have ended the island of relevancy after a long wait of nearly four years.

The main event of WrestleMania 40 Sunday headlined by Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns has been helmed to be one of the best main events in the history of the WWE premium live event. A great story-telling unfolded in the ring with the Undisputed WWE Championship being defended in The ‘Bloodline Rules’ match.

In the end, Cody Rhodes pinned Roman Reigns and became the new WWE Champion to finish his story. It marked the end of the 1316-day reign of The Tribal Chief with the WWE Title which has become the longest reign in the history of the company in the modern era.

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