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Drew McIntyre has been a prominent figure in the WWE for the past several years and he’s also the one to have carried the company during the tough COVID-19 pandemic era. Being a fan-favorite name, he remains one of the most protected TV characters on TV until the latest heel-turn. This essentially pushed him into a feud against Seth Rollin for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Over on this week’s episode of WWE Raw, otherwise dubbed as the Day 1 edition, Drew McIntyre lost a major title match to Seth Rollins and now he’s reached a crossroads in his career. Some of the fans were shocked at the challenger suffering yet another clean pinfall loss to Rollins. Now, it appears that time is here for him to think about what the future holds for him.

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According to Mike Johnson on PWInsider’s Q&A session, after he was asked about Drew McIntyre signing an extension on his contract, no positive update was given regarding whether the two parties reached an agreement or not,

“We have not heard WWE and McIntyre have come to terms on a new deal yet.”

The report comes just after Dave Meltzer stated in a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there haven’t been any significant developments regarding Drew McIntyre and his plans in the WWE. He has been considering various options, including taking time off to spend time with his family after being long away from them for an extended period due to his wrestling commitments.

“In the case of McIntyre, as of this week there was nothing new as far as what he was looking at doing. He’s considered a number of things including taking time off to be with his family that he’s seen little of for so long.”

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Drew McIntyre reacted to his loss to Seth Rollins on Day 1

Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre himself took to Twitter and uploaded a video of himself working out and addressing what could be next for him following his loss to Seth Rollins on the Day 1 Raw episode. An upset Scottish Warrior wasn’t sure what the future holds for him,

“Got all the messages, sorry if I’ve not replied, I’ve seen what everybody has been saying. What’s next for Drew McIntyre? Monday was all or nothing. The honest answer is I don’t know.”

Drew McIntyre’s contract was originally set to expire in April 2024, but it was extended due to his absence. While his contractual status with WWE remains a topic of discussion, nothing is known about how further he’s locked on board with the company.

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