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There have been speculations around Drew McIntyre’s future with the WWE since late 2023 as reports indicated his contract is set to expire in early 2024. Despite his strong status on the Raw roster, the time is ticking down on his contract which is something unimaginable for the WWE fans. The significant part is that WWE has yet to sign him into a new deal with the company but the belief is that something will eventually be worked out between the two parties.

According to the reports of Fightful Select, Drew McIntyre is now confirmed to perform at WrestleMania 40. This has essentially been an indication that his contract has been extended beyond the event. The source noted that some additional time was added to his contract, likely to cover up the timespan that he lost due to injury and inactivity,

“Fightful Select has confirmed that McIntyre’s deal now extends past WrestleMania, and that some injury and inactivity time was added to the deal in order to get it there.”

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Drew McIntyre and WWE have a mutual interest in signing a deal

It was also suggested that discussions have taken place between WWE and Drew McIntyre regarding a new contract, indicating that a mutual interest is there in reaching an agreement. But then again no deal has been finalized, as of this writing and the situation has remained unchanged for a long time,

“Sources near McIntyre claim that there have been conversations between the two sides, and it appears as if they want to get a deal done. However, they also claim that one isn’t done, in place, and that nothing has changed on that front.”

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There’s no doubt about Drew McIntyre holding a high stature in the WWE as regarded by both talent and staff for his dedication to his work in the company. He is also involved in media events as a representative of the WWE brand. No matter what happens regarding his contract, he will continue to remain a respected figure within the WWE.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has also confirmed that Drew McIntyre is yet to sign a new deal with the WWE. Meltzer also mentioned that McIntyre is happy with his new character and that he wants to take it forward.

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