Elizabeth Huberdeau-Nikki Bella – John Cena Wife-John Cena Family

Elizabeth Huberdeau, Nikki Bella – Details On John Cena Wife And Family

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Elizabeth Huberdeau, Nikki Bella – Details On John Cena Wife And Family. There might not be any better key figure in the WWE than John Cena. The company needed someone badly as the successor of The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin. The small-town boy not only fit into the role perfectly but over-delivered creating his own genre in the company. There has not been a better franchise player than him in the professional wrestling than this man. Nobody else could show this much devotion to his workplace like him.

No wonder WWE kept him intact in his prime position for the past two decades. Considering his ‘never give up’ motto, it’s safe to say that we expect him to see around the WWE for more than several years to follow. Coming back for special occasions let him have fuels in his tank. This is what WWE needs to drag his career as much as possible to garner attention from the fans.

Elizabeth Huberdeau, John Cena's Ex-Wife
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Elizabeth Huberdeau, Nikki Bella – Details On John Cena Wife And Family

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Some of the WWE Universe might not like John Cena continuing his career. But they need to understand that the company always relies on him as a major attraction. No one can garner quite the mainstream attention like he does by appearing on one single night. The veteran loves to come back here whenever he gets some free time from movie schedule which is another reason for his career expansion.

But John Cena family suffers the most due to this. We do know this man is ko less than a machine. He can go into work-mode day in and out without caring about his personal life. He is so much focused on his wrestling duties that spoiled the life of John Cena wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau. As much as he is successful in the WWE, he went through similar failures in personal life. We want to take you through the journey of John Cena family to let you look the legend from a different perspective.

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John Cena family belonged to a small town of West Newbury in Massachusetts. They were a middle-class family with John Felix Anthony Cena Sr. being the head of John Cena family. Carol was his wife who gave birth to Jr. Cena in 1977 who was their second child. Dan Cena was the older one whereas Matt, Sean was the younger ones. His maternal grandfather Tony Lupien used to be a basketball player.

English, French-Canadian, and Italian are the ethnicity that John Cena family belongs to. Cena Sr.and Carol brought up Jr.Cena as a Catholic. John Cena attended the Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Then John Cena family transferred him to Cushing Academy, a private boarding school in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Later he moved to Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

During this time, John Cena was a regular football player in his college. He used to be an NCAA Division III All-American centre for the team. His graduation subject was exercise psychology and body movement. No wonder he later went to become Super Cena who’s got a great physique. He started a career in bodybuilding after graduation in 1998. He also worked as a Limousine Driver during this phase.

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Thereafter, John Cena moved on to train at the developmental territory under WWE named OVW. The rest is history as he went on to become the ‘golden goose’ of the company. Wrestling apart, he was very shy speaking about his personal life to media. John Cena Wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau never came to the public to reveal their off-screen relation until a public statement came.

It was in 2009 when we got to know about John Cena wife Elizabeth Huberdeau via his announcement. He was promoting the new movie named 12 rounds to disclose his relationship with Elizabeth Huberdeau. These two were high school buddies and decided to start a new chapter in their life. Later that year, Elizabeth Huberdeau officially became John Cena wife. However, the relationship could not last long.

WWE was going through the PG Era after completion of the Ruthless Aggression Era. No need to emphasize the fact that John Cena, the franchise player was extremely busy with his duties in the company. He could barely get time for his family that forced Elizabeth Huberdeau to reconsider their relationship. This led to a separation process as John Cena wife lodged a divorce file.

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TMZ reported that he blamed a personal matter that led to such a devastating decision in his life. An “unbearable strife” started over the remodelling of their house between John Cena wife Elizabeth Huberdeau and himself. The divorce process started in May 2012 to get finalization three months later. John Cena family got devastated at this point as John Cena wife existed no more.

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In addition, there were disrespectful comments about the prime babyface figure of WWE on social media. Elizabeth Huberdeau accused her husband of cheating. Apparently, he might have had multiple relationships in his workplace which he never accepted. But there were rumours that John Cena might have secretly dated Maria Kanellis or even Mickie James.

John-Cena-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau

Later reports were out that John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau sorted things out to end the relationship on a good note. However, those facts remained confidential and never came out in public. WWE even mentioned this topic of John Cena wife during the storyline with The Rock in 2012 revealing that their favourite player was going through a rough phase. Despite this, he barely missed a show being the most loyal servant for the company.

This is why John Cena family suffered a lot in recent times despite his dream relationship with Nikki Bella. Months after his breakup with Elizabeth Huberdeau, he got hitched with the elder Bella starting from 2012. This allowed the two of them to become the power couple of the company. Nikki Bella also bagged the Total Divas show to become a reality TV star on her own rights.

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But the business factor has always been a tough part during their relationship. Plus, John Cena was never willing to start a new family and have kids with her due to the bitter experience with Elizabeth Huberdeau. Nikki Bella had suffered a lot owing to this reason during this relationship. These were her heartfelt comments to Brie Bella in one of the episodes,

“Nothing’s worse than hearing the man you love, be like, ‘I will never get married again! I will never have kids.’ That stuff is tough, and that sucks. Do I leave the man I love, or do I stay with him and just sacrifice kids and marriage? To . . . walk away from this guy because of marriage and kids doesn’t seem right.”

Nikki Bella was fortunate enough that his man considered him to become John Cena wife in 2017. At Wrestlemania 33, he went down on his knees to propose to Nikki Bella in front of 75000 people. This dream engagement eyed a destination wedding earlier this year which never happened. Sadly, Nikki Bella had to call it a quit due to the career being the preference for his man. John Cena family could hardly receive priority for him.

Reports were out that Nikki Bella tried to have a reconciliation process back in the summer of 2018 with his dream man. But that was unable to bring back any sort of solutions to the problem. So, currently, Nikki Bella is no more a part of the John Cena family. She is focusing more on her career to become an entrepreneur. Cena, on the other hand, trying to make more fame as a Hollywood star.