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Maryse has long been away from active in-ring competition but she still possesses a huge fanbase who are always ecstatic to see a glimpse of her on social media and WWE television. Earlier this year, she bravely shared of being diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition. But those bad days are over as she has already received positive news after being declared tumor-free.

In the latest, Maryse has given the good news of getting back in the gym session after a long time. Taking to her Instagram story, one of the most genetically beautiful WWE Divas of all time uploaded a photo of herself, revealing that she is finally back in some sweating sessions after several months. Furthermore, she also hoped that it’s going to be a regular thing from now on,

“Back in the gym!!! Not being able to be in it for so many months!!! So now… we are making it an everyday rendez-vous.”

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Maryse is one of those very few WWE Divas who returned to the ring for some competition after experiencing motherhood. It was in 2018 that she competed against Brie Bella in a singles as well as a doubles match just a few months after she delivered her first child in that same year. However, it’s not likely that she wants to be back in the ring, anymore for some more matches.

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Maryse was diagnosed with tumors targeting her ovary

Back in the day, Maryse admitted to dealing with severe abdominal issues, including swelling and distention, along with various other symptoms such as fatigue and gastrointestinal issues. At the age of 41, she then diagnosed with a rare pre-cancerous condition that targeted her ovaries. Sharing her journey on social media, she disclosed undergoing laparoscopy surgery via which the doctors successfully removed 11 implants scattered around her uterus, ovaries, and abdominal connective tissues.

It was further noted that those implants could be identified as Serous Borderline Tumors, an exceptionally uncommon pre-cancerous condition that specifically targets the ovaries. Maryse underwent surgery to fix the situation in March and she eventually declared to be tumor-free after a few days. Hopefully, these gym sessions will make her even healthier to live life to the fullest.

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