Mandy Rose

There’s a reason why Mandy Rose is often considered The Goddess by the fans and that’s due to her stunning physique throughout and beyond her wrestling career. She also had this “Golden Goddess” character on WWE TV for years for her good looks. Plus, before coming to professional wrestling, she was in the bodybuilding league and subsequently captured the accolade of being a bikini world champion.

Efforts are essentially needed to maintain this admired body. While most of these are god-gifted, Mandy Rose has also gone through some sort of cosmetic procedure to look even more gorgeous. Admitting to these, she addressed having some enhancements in her body while she also refuted some persistent rumors.

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Speaking on the Power Alphas Podcast, Mandy Rose provided insights into the various cosmetic treatments in her body. She revealed that her first cosmetic procedure involved her teeth. This occurred after an accident in her teenage years which her with a dead tooth. To remove this, she underwent dental enhancements to address the issue. Using Botox is one of the procedures to prevent wrinkles on her forehead, brow, and around her eyes.

Mandy Rose further admitted to having facial enhancements by using lip fillers but she denied rumors of having a nose job as she has “a perfect nose genetically.” Additionally, she confessed to having breast surgery to look even more attractive.

“So, besides my teeth, my lips, and my tatas, my b00bies, that’s it, guys. And Botox. I have no filler in my face. I have never put filler in my cheeks or anywhere in my face besides my lips,” stated the former NXT Women’s Champion. (quotes courtesy WWFOldSchool)

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Mandy Rose opened up on using lip fillers

Just a few days ago, Mandy Rose underwent a procedure to dissolve her lip fillers. In an Instagram post, she shared the experience, noting that the earlier fillers had started to migrate over time, prompting her to get new. A certain amount of discomfort was noticed but things were minimal due to the numbing cream she used during the procedure.

“We did some lip dissolving today! I’ve always been a little afraid to do this NGL, but it was definitely needed and really wasn’t that bad! Swollen at first but a couple hours later, the swelling went down, and honestly with the numbing cream, I barely even felt it,” Mandy Rose continued.

“I’ve only put filler in my lips the past few years and I get Botox, but it was time to dissolve the filler because over the years, you get migration and it is definitely good to start fresh!”

Irrespective of her time away from the wrestling circuit, Mandy Rose still remains a popular figure among the masses due to her outside ventures, notably her content service on subscription-based platforms. Given the fit body she possesses, she also confirmed her participation in the WBBF Bikini World Championship as this year seemed the right time to reclaim the title that she won ten years ago.

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