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Since debuting on the main roster under the wings of formerly known Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville remained best friends on and off TV for a long time. Even after Paige was out of the equation after suffering a neck injury, the dynamic duo continued their alliance by the name of Fire n Desire although they achieved nothing remarkable during the run that lasted for more than three years.

The alliance ultimately came to an end in 2020 when Sonya Deville betrayed Mandy Rose, aligning with former WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler to create tension between Rose and Otis, as the latter duo was paired in a romantic storyline on TV. The angle garnered significant attention during the COVID-19 era but it ultimately had no solid culmination.

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Speaking in a recent interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Sonya Deville reflected on that phase in the WWE where she got to team up with Mandy Rose and they got to experience a wonderful time. The former women’s tag champion also admitted that her tag partner often received more opportunities in WWE just because she genetically possessed some good looks,

“A lot of it was real. We’re best friends, we’re like sisters; we love like sisters, we fight like sisters. I felt that Mandy Rose got opportunities in the ring because of her look, which I didn’t have. While I didn’t feel this to my core, it was something I could definitely play off of. I love her so much, and there’s so much friendship and history there. When you trust the person you’re out there with and there’s so much love, it’s easy to emulate any emotion.”

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Mandy Rose broadened her own brand since getting released by WWE

It’s no secret that Mandy Rose is often considered The Goddess by the fans due to her stunning physique throughout and beyond her wrestling career. Before entering this industry, she was in the bodybuilding league and subsequently captured the bikini championship accolade which she is willing to reclaim after a decade now that she’s not with the WWE.

It was in December 2022 that Mandy Rose was released from the WWE due to the explicit content she posted on her Fantime subscription service. The release allowed her to further flourish her own branding and it also earned her tons of money since then. Currently, she also hosts the Power Alphas podcast with her fiancée Tino Sabotelli.

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