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Coming off a non-wrestling background, Mandy Rose is one of those female wrestling talents who went on to make a name for herself. Her attraction to some of the fans has been so much that she eventually earned way more after getting released from the WWE in late 2022 for posting non-PG stuff on her private website.

As noted above, Mandy Rose had the least knowledge about professional wrestling before joining the WWE. Back when she started, Tough Enough was the launching pad for her from where she got the initial ideas of the company structure. But before that, she had no idea what she was getting into.

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Speaking on the Power Alphas Podcast hosted by herself and her fiancée Tino Sabbateli, Mandy Rose explained her initial days before starting with the WWE,

“I got a call to do a Skype interview with ‘WWE Tough Enough’ it was on the USA Network. I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” the former Golden Goddess stated while admitting that her initial promos in the interview were not that impressive. She also described herself as someone who could have been easily beaten by a Barbie doll.

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Mandy Rose was skeptical about initial success in the WWE

Of course, there was no guarantee that Mandy Rose would be chosen for the show but she opted to head into to Orlando, Florida for the tryout which surprised her parents. Her father was also confused, as he had little idea about reality television in general. But her mother was thrilled about the future and she’d also accompany her,

“My mom was kinda like, ‘Oh that’s great! Go to Florida,'”

According to Mandy Rose, the training that she had to go through in the WWE was the hardest that she’d ever experienced, and she’s still surprised that she got selected. Her career in bodybuilding didn’t keep her fit enough to become a wrestler. Eventually, she became the runner-up in the women’s competition in Tough Enough season 5 after the eventual winner Sara Lee.

After her initial stint on NXT, Mandy Rose was sent to the main roster where she didn’t receive that much success. It was her second stint on NXT where she ended up becoming the third longest-reigning champion of the women’s division to prove her potential.

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